Because You Live
During CS practice just now, the primary students were lining up to go back class.
Jo likes this Standard 3 girl.
That girl's effing cute!
Next time got picture then I'll post it up.
We kept calling her name.
She looked at us weirdly & ran away.
If we go near her, she will run away.

Dad & sis went KL already.
Mum will be going tomorrow.
Ill be home alone!
*evil grin*
Kidnap me!

Im about to go tuition now.
I made fried rice for dinner!

Got two prawns hiding inside it somemore. Big ones!

2 months! ♥
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Happy Birthday, Chia Yi!
Happy Birthday, Chia Yi !

Hope you get whatever you want, kay?

Happy Eighteenth Birthday!

School was fun today.
We had a netball game.
Wan Ying said I'm a different person on the field.

That is all.

Oh! Someone did sit-up during PJ and she farted.
Not my class though.

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Today was ♥ ♥ ♥

The sister is back today!

Went Penang today.
Fetched sis from airport.
Then we went to PISA but very jam and packed so, Mummy said go Queens.
It was only 11.45 that time.
Go so early for what.

Reached Queens around 12-ish.
We walked and walked.
Went in Switch, and sis wants to buy Ipod.
Either Classic or Touch.

I also waaaaant!


Went Popular to buy novels.
But Mummy pulled me to the f-ing three Science subs area.
She bought two workbooks per Science subject for me.
*cold sweat*

Went Borders.

Went Coffee Bean.
Ahhhh~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Those times were LOVEEEE~

Sis forced me to fork out 70 bucks out out 120 bucks to buy tarot cards at Borders.
What the.....
I negotiated with her, either 50 or none.
In the end, I gave her 60 bucks.
She gave loads of excuses.
Like she's my only sister..etc
*smacks forehead*
We were like.....
70 laaaa.
Im your only sister lerrr.
Cannot! 50 or none.
You so long didnt give me present already. 70 laaaa. (OI! Since when I didnt give?!)
65 laaaa. I beg so long.
60! None or 60.
Hanaaa. *walks to cashier and looks behind*
*walks slowly*
*signalled me to walk faster*
Will post the tarot picture next time.

Went home around 5-ish.
We went to the beach near Queens on the way.
Mummy took off her heels and walked.

Nahhh, nothing similar to the emoticon happened.

Im a good photographer, aren't I? :)

Daddy and Sis stayed in the car & I leaned against the car feeling the wind.


Oh yah!
I met Calvin when I passed Harvey Norman!
Talk about coincidence fate.

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What you think of this?

I've got nth to blog.
So I'm just gonna upload pictures.
Old ones though.

These are taken in Add Maths & Maths tuition last week.
Believe it or not, it's a love letter.

There's a couple ring inside.

Wanna know what's on the orange paper?

Nah! There you go.

You would be able to read right?
I used up loads of time to take this miserable picture.
I was using a lame phone.
What'd you expect huh?

Then this week tuition.
That guy wore the ring for the girlf.

Then, there's another couple.
The boyf bought her a heart crystal necklace weih.
HOJB one somemore.

*jealous jealous*


Oh! Bestf came.
Everyone would be annoyed when she comes but I am seriously glad!
"Ehhh, my pregnancy test is negative!" (Inside joke)

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Here Comes Goodbye

I'm soooo excited!
Guess guess guess!

Hint : Phone!

Ahhh. I'll tell you.
I bought a new phone!
Just as my second phone.
My cracked N73 is still my main one.

I wonder where my U-Mobile number flew to.

Guess, I'm gonna get a new second number.
My Digi number already expired with loads of credit inside it.
*looks up and screams "WHYYYYY?!"*

Anyway, I bought LG KS360.
Cheap cheap.

I'm contented!
I wanted a QWERTY keypad cell since last year till now.
At last!

Dad didn't just bought it just like that, just because I'm craving for it.
I'm not lucky enough to be given the chance to be a spoiled rich bitch.
It's part of the Phone-and-Camera-Deal offered by Dad if I scored straight A's in PMR.

So, the next one is my camera!
I wonder what to get.
Definitely not DSLR.
Everyone seems to have it.

And The Sis is discouraging me to get one from the start.
Cause she already has one.

Jieeee, DON'T bring your α200 to UK!
You said wanna let me use one right?


Fyi, I bought this! *points below*

Not all la, obviously.

I bought pink! Although I like red colour generally. But the colour red on this phone sucks. Why no light greeeeen?!

Ahhh~ Nvm. Pink is still nice. No?

p/s: Choral speaking competition has been postponed........AGAIN.
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Officially Missing You

Awww. Don't this look like........*coughs* me? Lol

A few misfortunes "games" happened after the competition.

Anyway, I skipped school today.
Headache and was having quite a stomach ache.
We had station games in school yesterday, fyi.
We had to drink raw eggs and pepper, chilli sauce, biscuits and other craps in it.
*shrugs again*
Wait! Not only that.
We had to hold a maggot with only fingers.
Uh oh.
But I liked doing those stuff.

Call me weird.

Sis is having her mid-sessionals this week.
Good Luck babe!

Last but not least.
One of my fav-ed picture.

There you go.

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Nice try, uncivilized homo sapien.

Hmm. Let's all see some "quotes".
Our rival-convent bukit mertajam
Some of my friend said that they didn’t look us also even they past through us.
How impolite they are..

We were smiling with you people!
You were just too proud to even notice that!

*inserts name*, *inserts name*, *inserts name*, *inserts name*, *inserts name* and me sengaja went to canteen
We just only want to see those Bs
We pretended talking at there
Some more *inserts name* suggested that phone *inserts name* to inform that we sit beside to Bs

Are you that afraid of us?
Fyi, we don't eat uncivilized people nor do we eat people at all.

Since those Bs perform in 2nd.
So we can observe what they do.
We can’t spot what mistake they done.

Look at what The Homo Sapien said.
Doesn't this prove that we are just as good as what the results came out?

Once they know we get 2nd,
They scream and shout.
“We have our victory!!”

We don't say, "We have our victory"
That's seriously lame.

But too bad,
You Bs didn’t get any support from other school!
When the people announced that we get 2nd,
We received a lot of applause from other school sort like Jit Sin, Berapit….
For those Bs,
They get the place,
But they didn’t get the applause
Even been “boo~” by all school!
Way to go!
You all deserve it!

We practised! For three swell months!
We even stayed back after school, missed every classes, and worked during the holidays too!
And you're saying we don't deserve getting first!
And for your information which i think you do not know at all, there were so many other schools who congratulated us and accepted their defeat with no hard feelings!
What a good sport they were!
This, itself, reflects they have won too......... in spirit!
It's obvious you are a sore loser.
I pity you.


Anyway, thanks to those who are not the same like this fella here who sulks after defeat.
You know who you are.

And we're bitches? You're bastards!
But anyway, being a bitch is fine with me.
As you know, you've got to be one to know one.
Guess, we're all bitches ay?
*high five*
Oh wait! I forgot! You have an extra burden which sticks out with no dignity.
Shame on you.
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Too Cool
The white ribbon is not obvious viewable!

*screams lungs out*
Yeah, the day has arrived & it's gone!
With pride and joy, ................
*babble babble babble*

Ahh~ You guys should know what happened by now.
It's obvious based on my reactions & words.

I wonder why choral speaking competitions are very important to all the all-girls schools.
Usually the all-girls schools are the ones who take real interest and fight for the best.

Anyways, I would like to thank the two teachers for everything.
Especially the teacher who had some trouble with her *youknowwhat* (the team & close friends knows what) because of us.
Thank you!
You made a lot of difference for us.
We love you! Don't we, guys?

Our HM came & watched us perform.

Vian said I shivered.
And we cried.
Convent is known for - "Lose, Cry ; Win..... also Cry."
Emotional what!
For your information, we are g-i-r-l-s, GIRLS!

Vian took a video of a conductor.
You'll get to see it if you see us when we have our phone.
I'm sure you'll laugh madly if you're evil.
*shakes head*
Or you may ask any of us to send to you.

AND AND ! ! !

Some fella who is from i.dont.know.where asked us to read some sentence from a paper they gave us and they recorded it!
Some advertising for them, the usual sentence for advertising like, "For more info, log in to Dot.Dot.Dot. Thank you!"
We were like, Omg!, when they asked us for a "favor".
It's not like we get to this everyday, right?

Our next competition is on the 28th.


I seriously love screaming, ask Pinky why I said that.
Hint :- She stands beside me only.

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