I'm going crazy with my schedule of never-ending exams and tests. I just finished my weekly internal test today, and I think I did okay. Had a strong cuppa coffee earlier in the afternoon yesterday, so I had a hard time sleeping haha. Studied till 4 a.m. and I think I should continue doing so 'cause it seems like my brain is at its peak during the wee hours of the morning. I managed to answer 90% of my Biology paper without needing to crack my head, lol. Amazing thing is that I had only three hours of sleep ! I really enjoy Bio in college especially in Semester 2 compared to back in high school.

Anyway....., I've two more exams to sit for within these two weeks. One on this upcoming Saturday and one more next Thursday and Friday. God bless me. I've a 128kb memory brain, I really wonder how I'm gonna store all the informations in such a short period of time.
Feeling a little down these few days with all these stress and being homesick. I miss my Mom and Dad. It was their anniversary during Labour's Day and I texted to wish them and then I called them. TheParents were complaining about each other and I was left on the phone listening to them argue. It hit me so hard that I miss the environment when Dad would purposely try to get on Mom's nerve and everyone would laugh so hard after that. Ahh, I really wonder what I'll do without them.... ♥ I cried listening to them "argue" but they didn't notice, I hope. :X

Mom called and TheParents are coming down to visit me in 12 days time ! Happy happy happy HEHEHEHE. Right after stupid exams, yay ! ♥ ♥

Just made dinner. I'm tired of having to think of what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past four months being in KL by myself. I managed to settle breakfast already, haha ! I've stocked up on cereals and oats. So lunch and dinner gives loads of headache, zzz. I've half a can of Campbell's mushroom soup in the fridge and wheat pasta in the shelf so yeah, I just took everything that I could mixed into a bowl to make pasta for dinner. :D

I am bloated. Seriously bloated. I used an hour half to finish this, super no appetite.

Having so much worries now.

Gonna study a little and sleep a little earlier tonight. I've classes from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. tmrw, FML hard.

Cheers, xx.
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