This Is Real, This Is Me!
Random Pictures From India!

The Most Decent Pic I've got. =)

Some Famous Dam There.

I Forgot Where. We take pics everywhere we go okayyyy!

Traditional Dresses. & Ben-Jie's head. =P

I love this! They wrote our names but mostly wrong. Mine was Limsuzien. HELLO! Where's my "S"?!
Ohhh. Notice my forehead? It has a RED dot!

p/s : I wanna gamble! Like RIGHT NOW!

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Gong Xi Fa Cai !

Happy Chinese New Year!
新年快乐, 万事如意!

Wish the best for all of you and your family!
(fine! Idk how to write that in chinese *pfffft*)

Anyways, wish all bloggers & non- bloggers a Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year!
Hope all the unmarried ones get loads of red packets!
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Village Girl
Heh Heh Heh.

Im in a world of my own.

I made a point that I would blog today.
So, that's why you can see an update here.
For Gawd's Sake, I made it like you people are stupid.
*slaps forehead*

Sunday- 18.01.2009

Anyways, I went Jusco & Queens on Sunday.
For Your Info, Penangites, the Jusco & Queens I mentioned are TWO TOTALLY different places!
Bought a cheap tee for myself and a cute bottle for My Baby Sister.
Walked around by myself cause Dad was having a haircut somewhere in the mall.

Then, went home & went to Queens w/ The Parents.
Mum was Love when she gave me 500 bucks to shop.
Awwww. *blows kisses*
But as usual, she wont let me use entirely the whole bunch, she didnt tell me but I knew I wasnt supposed to.
So Ive only used 250 bucks of it but I used my own 200 bucks.
So which made me used how much?
Do the Maths.
Yeah, Bye Bye Babies~
*watching imaginary flying bling bling fly away*

You know why?
I went Quiksilver & bought stuff I do not need except the purse and the shirt which are practically the only things I bought.
Ohkayyy. Lame, I know.
The crew kept asking whether I wanna do member card a not.
No, I didnt in the end but I got a voucher though.
Of which I dont think I would be using.
Im not going Penang any soon.
Awwww man!
Such a waste.

Hmmm. I walked too much I guess, & I had blisters on my feet!
It is still there right now.
Damn pain and annoying.
*chops feet off*

Oh yahh!! Im very proud of something I bought!

The Inkheart Trilogy!

Love you, Mummy!
Im NOT a rich bitch and the book costs a lot but its thickness is worth the money.
So, Baby is currently lying on the bed.
Gosh, I sound like a nerd.
Bought two Little Black Dress books too.

Memoirs Is Made of This (Half-way reading) &

Confessions of An Air Hostess (Read!)

Wait, I met KCYang in Queens too.
Obviously. ==
We passed each other but I was like staring at him weirdly.
Yeah, I must have looked weird to him.
He smsed me after that asking me whether Im in Queens a not.

Tuesday- 20.01.2009

Our first day of choral speaking practice!
Yeah, I went school just because of that or I would have skipped school.
Cause it's boringg~
No, Im not a bad kid.
Just that the stress limit has reached my head.
I wanna have a short break for awhile.
Imagine having tuition every single day! (except Sunday)
If this is going to continue and I cant cope w/ it, Im gonna start crying everyday which I did when I was Primary 4, 5 & 6.
I had tuitions & school activities that time.
Then teacher kept giving loads of homework, so I had to sleep at only about 1 - 2 a.m or even later.
HELLO! I was only 10 that time!
If we didnt finish, she would ask us to write 100 proverbs w/ their meanings as punishment.

Oops. Private rantings.
I better shut my mouth. Too much info is out. LOL

This is the post which was in my draft more than a week already.
Stillc ant find my Bluetooth driver, so, yeah, no pictures.

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Thanks Babes!
Just a short one.
Ive one proper update in draft right now because I cant find the Bluetooth driver to upload to the computer.
So have to wait till I find it.
Gosh, unless you wanna lend me yours which I doubt.

Anyways, thanks to the two girls who gave me blog awards which I think had been given a long time ago.

The first one would be from Yee Ween.
I think Im suppose to nominate 10 bloggers & their blog then write something about them.
But Im kinda busy now so, aint gonna nominate anyone.

&& the second award is from Sue Zie.
Thanks, girl!

That's all.
Lend me the driver if you've it.
Or I could not post my draft which I seriously want to post.

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Heart Beat

Ive nothing to blog at the moment.
I web cam-ed w/ Aaron & Liann today!
I printscreen loads w/ Liann!
But but very formal lor.
Liann ahhh, next time smile more haa.

This is doink & me.

There's another one but doink said that pic's ugly so I wont post it up.
Such a good human I am.

Even though I loved that pic so much cause I was holding the puppy!
I cant post the pup's pics yet.
No bluetooth.

This is Liann & me!

Yeah la. I know I shiok sendiri.
Get used to it.

That's all for now.

Hugs & Kisses,
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Uhhh. Huhh.

At last I get to online after 1 week plus.
Dearest Daddy got me a new CPU.
The old one sorta exploded, maybe not that serious, but it seriously has the blasting sound the
other day which was before my PMR exams.
Yeah, it's so long ago.

Anyways, Imma update what happened this week.
I was in Thailand for a day one day before school reopens.
Dad & Mum planned that trip just because they wanna get oil massage & food.
Midnight :- Shih-Tzu gave birth to 4 puppies!
I slept around 2 & woke up at 5.
Yeah, wtf right?
It was the same last year cause I came back from Cambodia quite late.

Nothing special happened on Monday.
End school at 2.30 pm.
Had Chemistry tuition at night.

Hmmm. Second day in sch was quite funny.
We were in class.
Pinky was copying something cause she wants to change to Accounts Class.
So she needs to copy the class' notes.
Then, Jo, Stephenie, Wan Ying, See Wei and me had nothing better to do so, someone suggested
to play Chemistry Quiz.
Then Pinky straight away stopped her work and looked at us and said, "OMG. Nerds. Chemistry
Quiz? Im so gonna blog about this."

Then, Ive no idea what happened already.
Oh wait! My stupid Shih-Tzu did something, I dont know what, 2 of the puppies are currently in heaven.
*prays real hard*
Stupid dog.
The puppies are sooo innocent and sooooo cute!

&& went Popular last night.
Bought loads of books.
Not really.
But loads of notebooks and these kinda stuff.

School's usual today.
Got selected as one of the Choral Speaking's script writers.
Yeah, get to compete after so many years since Standard 5.

Yesterday & today got tuition.
*bangs head to wall*
Crying 2

Yesterday :- BM && Add Maths.
Stephenie's definitely Superwoman.
She's taking 3 BM tuitions.

Rolling Eyes

Today, I had Add Maths in the morning & Biology in the afternoon.
Might be taking another Chemistry starting next week. MIGHT. Not sure yet.

Dad & Mum's going some end year company dinner tonight.
I'll be stuck at home.
Either onlining or finishing my homework.

Thats all
&& just changed my layout last night.


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Talk To Me
Tagged by SinWeiL

Directions : Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things,habits or goals about you. At the end, choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave a comment (''You're tagged!'') and to read your blog, you can't tag the person who tagged you.

1) I love being in the middle of attention.
Im a girl & a pure Libran!

2) I blush when Im shy & my whole face is red when Im effing angry.
Ask my bitches

3) I expect highly of the outcome of everyth I do although I wont try my best.

4) Im on a diet of no carbs & oil these few days.
Dont wanna look fat in pinafore. ==

5) Ive got 2 ex-boyfs but Ive never kissed nor held hands before.

6) I get excited when I see cute guys.
Its not that Im miang. It's because I believe they sorta extinct already. =P

7) I hate when sales girls or boys keep tagging when Im looking at stuff.
Its annoying! Dont you think?

8) I currently DO NOT have a boyf. Im single! EVERYONE, IM SINGLE! sheeesh~!
IDK why people keep saying Im lying to them that Ive a boyf but Im not telling them. I SERIOUSLY DO NOT HAVE ANY BOYF!!!! No one's chasing after me nor am I.

9) I seriously hate smokers!
I have breathing difficulties when there's any kinda smoke. && when i cant breathe, I get seriously cranky & Ill start cursing. =X

10) I love making new friends who are matured in their thinking.
Of course, who doesnt? ==

11) Im not straight forward enough to hurt people's feelings.
Should I be fine w/ it or change to be like that?

12) I feel that Thailand transexuals are prettier than most natural-born girls.
LOL! I just came back from Thailand maaaa.

13) I get annoyed when people misspell my name. It has a HYPHEN (-) in it as in Lim Su - Szien!

14) I love reading thick romance novels.
Buy me one & Ill seriously appreciate it. >33

15) I love striking out my wishlist.
This is asking for random so Im giving RANDOM!

16) I miss Wen Ning so much!
>33 Love you babe!

The Ten People I Tag Are :-

AaronT - Just cause he's my Bestie
VianC - Cause i love her. =)
PinkyT - Cause she just bought a DSLR. =P
HsienYeeT - Cause he doesnt believe me. =(
Bean - Cause she's my Hun! *hearts*
ChiaYiL - Cause I tagged so.
ChiaPing - Cause she's MY Chiaaaaaa!!! =)
KenjiL - Cause she's a babi. =P
CheeYangK - Cause I wanna tag him.
ShaoWei - Cause he owes me cookies. LOL?
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Just So You Know
Im Myself. Love Me For Who I Am && You Wont Regret

ohh kayy.
I know I havent been updating AGAIN.
Ive no laptop cause it got taken away to be repaired.
Now, it's back but Dad's not letting me use anymore. WTF.
So, Im actually using the sister's laptop.
SEE! I took the risk of getting myself killed just to blog!

Anyways, Im totally determined to blog today as it's the FIRST DAY of the New Year.
But it isnt a good one though.
The Eve's perfect.
I was at Auto City w/ Vian, Jo, Kel Vin, Pinky, Carmen, Fiona, Pei Chen, Iong Chen && Gaik Nee!
Met AaronN there.
We made quite an impression during the countdown as usual.
As you know, we are ALWAYS the crazy bitches painting the town red.

Before the countdown, Sis & I went to Ice Ice Baby to meet my friends.
Sis ordered loads of stuff & guess what, Im known as The Bill Payer.

Cheese Fondue

Strawberry Fried Rice

I ordered green tea, you people should know how it looks like.

Vian's mummy fetched Jo & me home. Thanks aunty!
Her dad was drunk. && her dad was so seriously cute when he said, "Today's 01.01.2009 already. Faster wear your belt. FASTER! *serious face looking at three of us behind* Faster! Later the police catch."

That was totally a blur moment. Jo & I were'nt sure whether Uncle is being serious or joking.

Before I went home from Auto City, I met Wei Sheng. Glad to see you! =))
Reached home around 1.45 a.m && slept around 4. *yawns*
Woke up to the knock on the door of the room by Dad.
Guess what news he brought me? Mum got robbed by FUCKING MALAYS!

Disclaimer : Im going to be seriously very vulgar in this post, so bear w/ it people.

Those FUCKING BASTARDS crashed Dad's Mercedes glass, I repeat, MERCEDES!
Do you fucking know how expensive is a Merc?! HELLO! Do you FUCKING BASTARDS think the money my Dad used to buy the car drops from the sky?!!! My Dad had to work so hard to buy one kayyy!!!! Maileh. Seriously, YOU PEOPLE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO brainless! You do not effing have a single bit of brain at all!

It's the New Year, arseholes! Why cant you effing let people have a peaceful first day of the new year?!!
You fucking robbed my Mum's money && IC! You FUCKING FOUR BASTARDS are soooooooooo FUCKING USELESS! We people already said you are so useless and you people seriously want to prove us right? You are seriously brainless. Bird brains! Now Mum has to go through all the fucking troubles to get a fucking IC again. OMG! Damn you bastards! I wish you people will get beaten up or get slaughtered till your fucking ribs and jaws are broken but you wont be dead & get paralysed for the rest of your FUCKING lives! Hope your faces get punched and slit till your poor Mother cant recognize you FOUR FUCKING SONS! && last of all, ROT IN HELL, BASTARDS!

Now, Im much better. Ive been keeping my anger for the whole day now. I love you, My Baby Blog! =P

Hmmm. Went for dinner at Victoria Station. Dad's choice.
Just came back then continued blogging so that I will be able to blog before 12. =D

P/S : What DSLR would you recommend?

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Happy New Year!

Tagged by VianC, PinkyT, HsienYeeT, LiAnnK, CheahCheahT && SinWeiL

1. The last person to tag you is?

2. Your 5 impression of him/her?
Cute, Evil, Attractive, *coughsSmallsizecoughs*, Helpful

3. The most memorable thing that he/she has ever done for you?
Loads, one of them is helping to de-hack my blog.

4. The most memorable words that he/she spoke to you?
I love you. (We talk almost everyday.)

5. If he/she becomes your lover you will....
Gives my heart to her.

6. If he/she becomes your enemy you will....
*Plans evil scheme* (Just joking!) Just ignore her.

7. IF he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on..
She's herself, that's why she became my lover, right?

8. If he/she becomes your enemy, its because..
Our attitudes are contradicting? We are not, so how would I know?

9. The most desirable thing for him/her to do is
Help me when Ive a problem & listen to me when Ive got issues no matter its boring or not.

10. Overall impression towards him/her is
She's one of MY CLOSEST BUDS!

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
Depends whom.

12. The character for you for yourself is
Im myself.

13. On the contrary, the character you hate for yourself is?
Hmmm. TOOO sensitive!

14. The most ideal person you want to be is
Hmmm. Myself!

15. For the person who cares and likes you, say something about him/her
Wait, who likes me? My family? They are all PERFECTO~!

16. Ten people to tag
  • AaronT
  • AemusQ
  • HsienYeeT
  • KenjiL
  • LiAnnK
  • Lobhini
  • PinkyT
  • SinWeiL
  • Su-QuinnL
  • VianC

FYI, im not tagging. Just need names here. But if you wanna do, I dont mind. =)

17. Who is #2 having a relationship with? (AemusQ)
No one.

18. Is #3 a male or a female? (HsienYeeT)

19. If #7 and #10 got together, would that be a good thing? (PinkyT & VianC)
They are NOT && will never be together, I swear.

20. How about #5 and #8? (LiAnnK & SinWeiL)
They arent lesbians & I dont think so it's possible.

21. What is #1 studying about? (AaronT)
Just finished SPM.

22. When was the last time you had a chat with them?
Within last month and today. =)

23. Is #4 single? (KenjiL)
I dont think so but she claimed she is. *whacks her ass*

24. Say something about #2 (AemusQ)
He's funny!

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