Uhhh. Huhh.

At last I get to online after 1 week plus.
Dearest Daddy got me a new CPU.
The old one sorta exploded, maybe not that serious, but it seriously has the blasting sound the
other day which was before my PMR exams.
Yeah, it's so long ago.

Anyways, Imma update what happened this week.
I was in Thailand for a day one day before school reopens.
Dad & Mum planned that trip just because they wanna get oil massage & food.
Midnight :- Shih-Tzu gave birth to 4 puppies!
I slept around 2 & woke up at 5.
Yeah, wtf right?
It was the same last year cause I came back from Cambodia quite late.

Nothing special happened on Monday.
End school at 2.30 pm.
Had Chemistry tuition at night.

Hmmm. Second day in sch was quite funny.
We were in class.
Pinky was copying something cause she wants to change to Accounts Class.
So she needs to copy the class' notes.
Then, Jo, Stephenie, Wan Ying, See Wei and me had nothing better to do so, someone suggested
to play Chemistry Quiz.
Then Pinky straight away stopped her work and looked at us and said, "OMG. Nerds. Chemistry
Quiz? Im so gonna blog about this."

Then, Ive no idea what happened already.
Oh wait! My stupid Shih-Tzu did something, I dont know what, 2 of the puppies are currently in heaven.
*prays real hard*
Stupid dog.
The puppies are sooo innocent and sooooo cute!

&& went Popular last night.
Bought loads of books.
Not really.
But loads of notebooks and these kinda stuff.

School's usual today.
Got selected as one of the Choral Speaking's script writers.
Yeah, get to compete after so many years since Standard 5.

Yesterday & today got tuition.
*bangs head to wall*
Crying 2

Yesterday :- BM && Add Maths.
Stephenie's definitely Superwoman.
She's taking 3 BM tuitions.

Rolling Eyes

Today, I had Add Maths in the morning & Biology in the afternoon.
Might be taking another Chemistry starting next week. MIGHT. Not sure yet.

Dad & Mum's going some end year company dinner tonight.
I'll be stuck at home.
Either onlining or finishing my homework.

Thats all
&& just changed my layout last night.


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