Hello From The Big City !
First post of the year y'all ! Lmao, I'm like really outdated. I know......
No internet in hostel and not even a single usable Wi-Fi connection ! I'm on the 18th floor ok !

I'm currently in my Aunt's house and there's Wi-Fi here, AWESOME.
Feel like an outcast without internet ok ! Ok laaa, at least I've BIS. Twitter is my only entertainment these few days, 'cause God knows why, I can't sign in Facebook ! Oh yeah 'cause I freaking got hacked, FML.
Some fella from Ontario, Canada tried hacking into my account. Lifeless shit. -.-

Anyway, thanks Shaun for accompanying me in the KTM to Kepong. :)
Such a gentleman right ! x)

TheParents are coming down to KL to meet their BELOVED daughter, hee.
They just left home around an hour ago. Gah ! Can't freaking wait to meet them.
No need to spend single cent this weekend, WAHAHAHAH !
Dad's gonna bring me my broadband and Mom said she's getting me a slow cooker. CAN COOK ! No need to waste money outside, yay !!

It's really not a usual thing for me not to have any pictures in a blog post.


I've been sleeping really early since I'm in college. The latest is ELEVEN, and there are times I sleep at 9. -.- And people say, I'll club like 24/7 once I'm in KL. Yeah right.........
Still....., my eyebags are uber black lor ! My coursemates keep teasing me about them. Heartbroken*

And they keep saying I'm fat. Double heartbroken*
Can die please, but nevertheless, it's really fun knowing them. :D
Classes are definitely dead shit without them and their dirty jokes.

Feeling a wee bit hungry now. Dinner only at nine.
Badminton session w/ relatives and their friends later, YAY !
Have not sweat since I've been here. I miss going to the gym ! :(

Ok, gotta go find some light food.
CIAO ! xx
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