Ice Pops !
Yup ! I made ice pops !

An ice pop is a frozen water-based dessert on a stick. It is made by freezing coloured, flavoured liquid (such as fruit juice) around a stick. Once the liquid freezes solid, the stick can be used as a handle to hold the ice pop. In Ireland the term "ice pop" is used, but it is usually called a lolly ice (ice lolly in some regions). In the United Kingdom the term ice lolly is used, and the term ice pop is used for frozen dessert with no stick, usually sold in plastic sleeves, such as Otter Pops, - eaten by biting off a small corner of the sleeve and sucking on the ice. Ice block is used in Australia and New Zealand, icy pole in Australia (from the brand name Icy Pole). In the United States and Canada it is almost always called a popsicle due to the early popularity of the Popsicle brand, and the word has become a genericized trade mark to mean any ice pop or frozen treat, regardless of brand.

A pop (or freezepop/ice-pole) is a snack of frozen flavored sugar water, fruit juice or fruit purée in a plastic tube. Brands include Otter Pops, Ice Tickles, Fla-Vor-Ice, Chilly Willy (after the cartoon penguin of the same name), Pop-ice, Foxy Pop, or (in the UK, Canada and France) Mr Freeze. Due to the ingredients generally being water and sugar with coloring and flavoring agents, they are said to temporarily discolor the tongue or (less commonly) the teeth. They are produced in a variety of fruit flavors. In Canada they are known almost exclusively as 'freezies'.

Is it just me or the world is getting hotter every second ?
Or is it just Penang ?
fans self*

I used passionfruit ! ♥

Pour them into long plastics.....and


Then, put them into the freezer and wait. LOL excited*

Frozen lollies !!! Hee ♥


Back to books now.
Trials in less than twenty days time FML.
I need luck, loads of them. :(
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