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I Tag;

1.AaronT ♥
3.Cheah CheahT
4.Chee YangK
6.Hsien YeeT ♥
7.Jo- EyK
8.Li AnnK
9.VianC ♥
10.Yi TingC

How you know 1?
He flew from Vian's blog to mine. *LaughOutLoud*

What would you do if 3&4 dated you?
3 aint a lesbo ; 4 has never seen me

Would 5&6 make a good couple?
HAHAHAH! They're both guys.

Do you think 7 is attractive?
Yeah! My friend.. *beams*

Do you know anything about 8's family?
Err. Yeah. 1 out of 20. =PP

Tell me something about 9?
She's my baby! She's funny & cute!

What language does 2 speaks?
English & idk.

Who is 3 going out with?
No idea.

How old is 4?
17. = DD

When was the last time u talk to 5?
Last night.

Who is 6's favourite singer?
No idea. None I think.

Would you date 7?
She aint lesbo. She only loves Raymond Lam.

What is 9's last name?

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
erkk. =x We ARE in a relationship. Bestf is counted right?

Which school does 2 goes to?
High School BM but I think no more dee if he's not gonna continue his Form6.

What do you like about 3?
Errr, Idk her that well.

p/s : Christmas in 6 days ! ♥
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Feliz Navidad!

Im going to put the India trip's post on hold first.
One, friends didnt come back from camp yet.
Two, lazy to ask some friends
Three, I wanna blog about Christmas!!


what you people gonna get for me?!!

Come, I tell you what I want.
Okayy?? Okayy?!

Im SERIOUSLYYY highhhhh!!!

Tommy Hilfiger - Dreaming

I SERIOUSLLYYY want this perfume!
I've never, I repeat NEVER, gone crazy over a perfume before.
= ))

Ohhh, Ive got another thing I wanna own!
The same thing I wished for last year but didnt get also.

ODM - Christmas Edition

I dont think Im going for the private christmas party in Penang.
Its toooo far, no transport.
So, maybe only Carmen's christmas party.
= (
Wait, it's supposed to be = ) right?
Presents, how?!

Everyone close to me seems to be leaving.
So, Im currently in my emo moments.
But I wish all the best for them.
= DD

Today, woke up quite late cause slept late last night. *you dont wanna know why*
DONT think dirty.

Went to work then went facial, India was soooo dirty & dusty. *YIKES*
Went to Pacific to get a christmas tree & some ornaments!
& guess what, the tree is now lying on the floor alone in the living room.
cause smth is missing & the tree cant be put up.
I wanna watch Twilight!
Dont say Im lame cause I knew that long time ago.

then then, came home, didnt go my Pasar Maaaaalaaaaam! = (((
Dennis, next time only buy you your sugar cane haaa.
= ))

hmmm, thats all.

p/s : I need to change my blog's clothing. Tag me w/ a direct link.
- Christmas. Thanks!
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♥ My Malaysia!
Its All About Me~!
Hell Yeahh Baby!
Im back!


ohh, kayyy.
Ive been back almost three days already.
Havent been blogging for 1 week plus.
*shakes head*

uh huh.
I miss so many people when I was in India.
When i get sad, Ill think of some of you.
= ((
Anyways, Im glad Im back!

I met loads of friends during the trip.
8 of us including a Team Leader, Mr Terrence.
7 students; 5 girls & 2 boys.
  • WenNingL - 16
  • WinnieH - 17
  • BeeKeeyT (Jane) - 16
  • Mahyuri - 16
  • Ben-JieL (Tarzan) - 15
  • Poowin - 14
It was okay there but I seriously dread going sight seeing.
We go sight seeing almost everyday, practically everyday!
We only get to go shopping thrice, I think.
So hard to buy souvenirs cause they sell mostly Indian traditional clothes && bangles.

I dont have loads of pictures cause mostly its in their cameras && in my camera. Im seriously very lazy to upload.
So just gonna upload the pictures from my phone only.

Shashwat ; Mahatma Gandhi ; Poowin ; Ajav or Amo [fyi, there're twins, cant differentiate]

Shashwat wrote his name on another bus' dirty window from the bus we were in

Say No Evil ; Hear No Evil ; See No Evil


Wen Ning!

♥ Szien~!

We were at Devka Beach, Daman.
There isnt any sea water there, only mud. LOL!


Poowin modelling for Pepsi

Ben-Jie smiling for the camera!

My beautiful hands! *winks*

Wen Ning's beautiful hand!

Its kinda blur cause its from a 2MP hp. We were like dancing, singing && blasting the two Hindi songs we know right on the street. Everyone stopped by and whistle. HAHAHAAH! It was soooooo TOTALLY fun!

Thats all for now.
Will update soon!
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Happy Birthday, AaronTPS!
OH OH OH!!!!!!
Its Sayang's birthday!!


He's Aaron Teng P**** S****.
I seriously like doing that.
He hates when people call his full name.

Okayyy, stop w/ the crap.
Let's see. How long have I known him?
Late June ah?
Assume its around that time.
That means I've already known him for 5 months plus lorrr.

It's a short time but we clicked real well.

He kept saying his 16 only, just because his birthday falls in December.
Last time i seriously thought he was 16 till Vian told me.
Yes, lame i know.

note to self :- Dont believe him that EASILY *grrrrrr*

He doesnt have many pictures so I cant upload many here. His friendster has only two pictures.
&&&& all his accounts are using the same one.
Aiyahhhh, dont care lahh. Got at least his picture then correct already lahh

There you go, peeps!
but he seriously dont look like that.

Let me continue my craps.
So, you know his name && REAL age. [17// SEVENTEEN// 10 + 7]

Next, he's seriously a good friend && he dont talk much face to face.
We met only thrice, all in the same place because he went there to do only one thing, study!
Queens lah tuu.
In cyber world, he's like a chicken ass [my word for him].
He loves using deep English.

but now he talks even more dee. *thumbs up*
hmmm. Im not allowed to criticzise him too much since it's his birthday.
So Im just gonna end here. HAHAHAH!

oh, && yah, he just finished his SPM!

Aaron Teng, Happy Birthday && wish you all the best in your future undertakings!

To view his blog, click THIS
To know him better, click THIS
FYI, the links will only lead you to one place, His.Blog!

Anyways, Happy Birthday!
*hugs && kisses*

p/s : Im still in India so this is actually a scheduled post.
p/p/s : will be back in a week!
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