It's New Year's Eve already ?!
OMG, Oh- Nine is almost ending !
There's so many things I would definitely miss.

#1 Choral Speaking ! We managed to get to NATIONALS ! Fourth/ Sixteenth place ! *proud
#2 Interact Conference, met so many awesome people there. :D

Updated :


Pictures from two photographers !
Click on their names. *winks


Those are only few of the many.
Can't think anymore, hahah.
Did so many awesome stuffs in 2009 !
I'll definitely miss this year loads but the future would be better right ? ;D
Have a great year ahead PEOPLE !

Most people must have woke up with a great sleep this morning and went out with their friends in order to get ready for tonight.
Well, me ?
Slept so late, woke up so early and spent FIVE miserable hours listening to Undang.
Luckily, Yi Jo went together with me.
Phew !

So many ahbengs there.
Something happened there and ask me if you want to know.
Not telling here, lol.

Was doodling over the whole ' Question and Answer Curriculum Driver's Study ' book.
(It's actually stated ' Soalan Dan Jawapan Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu ' on the cover of the book. I just translated it with limited knowledge, hahah !)

Still got, still got !
But enough already la.

Jo took this and said, " I know how to zoom, unlike Jo- Ey ! "
*inside joke

This girl is 24/7 on the phones, mine and hers.
Tsk, but at least she's there with me.

Yada, yada, yada.
The Berjaya person fetched us back to BM and TheSis came to fetch me home.

TheSis asked me to dye her hair and ohmygod.......

It's Vibrant Burgundy, something like purple.

I don't know what's the plan for me tonight but have a great time everyone !


Gonna continue packing my clothes.
KL tmr !
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One of Those Wednesdays......

Well, I have only fifteen minutes to blog.
So, I'm gonna do a quickie.

Went to school in the morning to collect my textbooks for next year.
My History textbook so ugly !

Came back and uhhh.... great, I forgot what I did.
I think it's unimportant stuff, hahah !

Had lunch and removed the red nail polish on my nails.

It's back to bare nails again ! ;D

*one second passed, two seconds, three.. four....

Time to apply new color !
So ! Too many times of red this holiday, I need a change.
I've a feeling for sparkles now.


Btw, I've only applied on the nails of my left hand.
I'm right- handed mah ! ;P

Sis suddenly asked whether wanna eat Edamame and she did some for me.

My sis is cool ! LOL

Edamame, pronounced /ěd'ə-mä'mā/[1], is a preparation of baby soybeans in the pod commonly found in Japan, China, Hawaii and Korea. The pods are boiled in water together with condiments such as salt, and served whole.

The Japanese name edamame (枝豆) is commonly used in some English-speaking countries to refer to the dish. The Japanese name literally means "twig bean" (eda = "twig" + mame = "bean"), and is a reference to the short stem attached to the pod. This term originally referred to young soybeans in general. Over time, however, the prevalence of the salt-boiled preparation meant that the term edamame now often refers specifically to this dish.

In Chinese, young soybeans are known as maodou (Chinese: 毛豆; pinyin: máodòu; literally "hairy bean"). Young soybeans in the pod are known as maodoujia (Chinese: 毛豆荚; pinyin: máodòujiá; literally "hairy bean pod"). Because boiling in the pod is the usual preparation for young soybeans, the dish is usually identified via a descriptive name, such as "boiled maodou", or "salt-boiled maodou", depending on the condiments added, but like in Japan, simply saying the name of the bean, maodou, in a Chinese restaurant will produce salt-flavored, boiled maodou.

Gonna go get ready and off to work, bye.
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Merry Christmas !

Ho ho ho !
*stuff self w/ loads of Ikea pillows

Hahahah !
Merry Christmas everyone ! *hearts

Oh ! This is what I prepared for tonight. Prawn and fruit (in case you don't know, there's pineapple and tomatoes hidden in it, lol) salad. ;D

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PD : Day One and Day Two
See my post title ?

There's nothing much to do there, so I practically did the same thing for two days straight.

Left home around 9.30 in the morning and went to Grandfather's house to fetch him.
Started our journey to PD at 10.

Sei Kim (Youngest maternal aunt) bought another puppy since her last one, Nigger, passed away.
I mentioned it before in my previous post.
Anyway, camera was in the car and was so lazy to get it, so no pictures of it.
His name is Ronnie, btw, and he's a Shih- Tzu.

Slept in the car for one hour plus and I woke up, randomly took the camera and started snapping. Myself, of course, lol.

The next picture, priceless, I tell you.

Wanted to put as my Facebook's profile picture but I'm a civilized person, lol.
I hope I didn't scare you innocent readers away.
Hahah !

Whatever, NEXT !

Checked into the room.
Was staying at Legend Water Chalet, btw.
The view is uber awesome !
I freakin' love the toilet the most. Wtf, ahahah.
Wait, till you see it w/ your own naked eyes, lol.

You see ! Got transparent surface on the floor ! So cool right !?

The right hand side door is the main entrance.
So, it means that, when you open the door, you'll reach the toilet before the bedroom.

Bath tub ! I bathed more than an hour in the toilet for two nights straight okayyy !

The shower area.
There's a roof above it which you can open and close.

The roof.

Went out around 5 for lunch-ner (lunch + dinner) with aunts, uncles and cousins who drove from KL.
Big happy family, lol.

Everyone went back to the chalet and hung out there.
Both aunties and I painted our nails red, hehs.
In my case, I repainted them.

Oh yeah, Star Movies was the main activity that occupied us the whole two days.

That's all for the first day.

Second Day

Got ready for lunch then went to buy some food, fruits and drinks.
Went back to the hotel, Dad and I went to the reception to loan Scrabble, hee.
Then otw back to the room, we took pictures of the scenery.

The first word I made was ' rot '.

After that, continued watching Star Movies, hahah.
Bathed and went out for dinner.

Came back, watched tv again then bathed in the tub for super long.
I tell you har, I was in the bathroom halfway then I thought of taking pictures of the toilet again, lol.

Filled up the tub w/ warm water.

Add shower gel is a must ! ;D

Finished bathing and off to bed.

Done blogging about Day Two.

Going off to work soon.
Eight more working days till I get my salary !

Yay ! Gonna sou yi tonight with the family. Bro's family is joining us too.
STANLEY ! Come to xiao ku ! LOL !
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PD, here I come !

Off to Port Dickson for three days !
Will be back on Sunday.

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New Phone !

Just realized my last post's title starts with the word 'new' too. LOL

Just came back from Interact Conference (DIC) last Sunday.
Ehh, almost one week already.
Wtf, time passed so freaking fast. ;O

I MISS YOU PEOPLE ! *heartbroken

Met so many people there.
I worked really hard okay !?
I walked everywhere (even on the streets !) giving out my name cards.
I just want to finish them off.
I've got three hundred or more name cards from last year's Youth Exchange Programme !
Don't ask why I've got so many. *shakes head
Oh btw, I gave out around 160-ish.

I've got so many moreeeee ! *dies

Give you a glance of my name card. *points below

Drop that.
Show you pictures of the new phone.
I was at DIC right. TheSis was at KL and so, she called.....

TheSis : Eh, hello. Szien ar. You want your Blackberry a not ?
Me : Errr, errrr. Idk la ! Cannot decide. E72 nice a not ? (I'm indecisive !)
TheSis : Blackberry nicer la. You want Gemini or Javelin ?
Me : Idk which phone to choose already and you keep asking more details for the BB.
TheSis : *laughs So how ? Gemini or Javelin ? ( You have no idea how much I feel like dying talking to her. -__-)

So, main point, she bought the BB Curve 8520 (Gemini) for me.
Thank you Jie ! *slobbers her w/ loads of kisses

Fyi, she HELPED to buy, NOT gave it to me for free. LOL

This wallpaper comes out when I lock the phone. OMG ! *faints
Lalas, learn from this. Only Hello Kitty can escape looking cute with the peace sign and oh yeah, me too, DUH.

*flashes peace sign ;P

Not to forget, TheSis bought her iPhone3GS too.
She has been wanting it for like, sooo long !

p/s : Will be going to Port Dickson tomorrow and drop by at cousin's house for her birthday party on Sunday night. Hope I could meet up w/ Sher Mun, Zhiying and part of my fruits ! *hearts

Toodles !
*mwahs mwahs
New Boy in Town !
Okay, the title is way..... err, whatever.

A new family member in town !

TheSis delivered her baby boy last week safe and sound.

Just kidding, lol.
Yes, lame.

Here's the real deal.
One, Joshua.
Two, Collie.
Three, I SUPER love dogs !

Let's make sentences, people.
Joshua brought his dog, a collie for lodging.
It's SUPER cute and OH-EM-GEE-ness is all over him.
I SUPER love him ! (The dog, I mean.)

Pictures !

This is Prince.
He's very friendly and he loves licking people.
♥ ♥
Prince's a lassie (I think ?) collie.

A collie is a distinctive type of herding dog, ultimately originating in Britain, especially in the upland areas of the north and west. It is a medium-sized, fairly lightly-built dog with a pointed snout, and many types have a distinctive white pattern over the shoulders. Collies are very active and agile, and most types have a very strong herding instinct. The collie type has spread through many parts of the world (especially Australia and North America) and has diversified into many landraces and breeds, sometimes with mixture from other dog types. Some of the collie types have remained as working dogs, used for herding cattle, sheep and other livestock, while others are kept as pets, show dogs or for dog sports, in which they display great agility, stamina and trainability.
Lassie is a fictional collie dog character and a stage name for several dog actors. The fictional character was created by Eric Knight in a short story expanded to novel length called Lassie Come-Home. Published in 1940, the novel was filmed by MGM in 1943 as Lassie Come Home with a talented dog named Pal playing Lassie. Pal then appeared with the stage name "Lassie" in six other MGM feature films through 1951. Pal's owner and trainer Rudd Weatherwax then acquired the Lassie name and trademark from MGM and appeared with Pal (as "Lassie") at rodeos, fairs, and similar events across America in the early 1950s. In 1954, the long running, Emmy winning television series Lassie debuted, and, over the next 19 years, a succession of Pal's descendants appeared on the series. The "Lassie" character has appeared in radio, television, film, toys, comic books, animated series, juvenile novels, and other media. Pal's descendants continue to play Lassie today.

Mummy offered to pay one third to take care of this baby for three days.
Which means....... poo, pee, food, water, walks..... YUP, totally all my job.
At least, Prince is ubertreiben full of cuteness. Hahah.

**Correction : Mum read the post and she said, " One third ?! I'm giving you all okay ! "


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That Boy
Show you something, someone actually, that is uber cute (sometimes only !) but super uber ANNOYING.
He's violent ! Gahh, whatever.

Anyway, let's see pictures !

Oops ! Not this one. HAHAH. ;P

Yup, yup. THIS ! Puppy dog eyes and his lips. Cute ! No ?
He's wearing my crocs, fyi. He loves them, Idk why.
He always comes in my room, find them and wear them, lol.

Dumb boy, lol.
TheSis bought both the tiger and ladybug outfits for him.

It's Momma's birthday today !
Happy Birthday MUMMY !
Celebrating it the second time at Tao, AC tonight. :D

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