An Early Weekend ! ♥

Hello folks.
Mid- terms is finally over ! That's for me la, lol.
I still have Additional Maths and Modern Maths next Monday, boohoo !
At least they are subjects which needs reading and memorizing. I'm really tired of all those, my brain's really tired.
Well, of course, have been sleeping at only three in the morning for the past two weeks. Not everyday though, hahah. :)
So happy to know that it's holiday tomorrow.

Anyway, bought a bouquet for Mom on Mother's Day.
It's been two weeks, I think, and the bouquet is still at the same place in the living room between two sofas, lol !

I really like this flower, the colors especially ! :D

Went to school on one of the Saturdays (15th May) for Gotong Royong Perdana (Prime Spring Cleaning ? LOL !
Reached school half half an hour late, since no one would be taking care at the gate. By no one, I meant prefects. -.-

Jo & Stephenie were in charged of Co-Op area

I was in Physics Lab w/ Chelsea.
The tables are awesome, wtf.
Loads of craps, lol !

"U wanna be on top or below ? FUCK ME NW !"
Crazy girls, wtf. So desperate, HAHA.

Vian, Alice and Jo- Ey came over to Physics to find me, not exactly. They wanted my dSLR for Moral project. CHEH !

Let you see how morally my Loves are, lol.

OIK ?! Oh paiseh ! Wrong photo ! He's not one of my babes, hahahah !

Then went to 5 Zainab, Pinky's class, which is also Vian's, Alice's and Jo-Ey's class and talk under the fan.

Stupid girl don't wanna wear her retainers, zzz.

PC !

Loves are all crazy over the bag tags that comes with this biscuit.
They bought all the stocks in BM. ._.
You'll never be able to find these in 7-11 anymore, lol.

Jo's bag tags. She has five more to collect. :D

All of us

Went home and got ready for lunch to celebrate Pinky's birthday. :D
Celebrated in Seoul Garden and made quite a show there too, haha !

Alright....., Alice found a worm in our noodles (both of us shared), and when she told me, our look was super epic.
Asked the staff (a stupid Indian woman) to come, she came and just took it and never came back.
So, I asked her to come and give an explanation.

Me ; Stupid Indian Woman (SIW); Stupid Chinese Boy (SCB)
I'm not paying this meal.(Yes, Momma taught me not to pay if you don't feel like it, HAHAHA !)
Hah ? Cannot lah..., the most I can do is free one person for you.
But there is a worm inside ! All of us might get food poisoning ! WE SHARED THE FOOD. It came from the same bowl !
Then what do you want me to do for you ?
You're the boss, so you tell me.
Uhhh...., wait. I'll ask someone to come.
*a Chinese boy came*
Hmm, what's wrong ?
There's worm in our food !
*starts talking to SIW* (Fyi, they talked very long some more, I tell you !)
Excuse me, are you going to keep talking and ignore us here ?
*looks at me, then continues talking*
*gives wtf look*
Hey ! Are you going to ignore us ?!
*every of us started talking*
Okay, I can't listen. *annoyed look* Talk one at a time.
Are you my teacher ?! Who do you think you are ?!
*keeps quiet*

We asked for her manager, but she said he's not in, I bet it's a lie.
So she said she'll get us complain forms.
Pinky said we just want one, but she brought us twelve.
It's kinda obvious that they are going to throw them after we're gone, zzz.

In the end, she gave two people free. JUST TWO ! Yes, I know, waste my saliva for this.
HAHAH. But I had fun, so yeah. :P

Went to Starbucks, and sang Birthday song and went to Fiona's house to eat.
Jia Weng bought the cake for Pinky. :)

We bought this for Boo !
Thanks Aemus for helping out. ♥

That's all !

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Lifeless Souls
When my world is falling apart,
when there is no light to break up the dark.

That’s when I look at you.

I really don't get how people can be so free that they would just go around spamming people's walls/ blogs/ mails.
Don't you have any work better to do ?

For one, lifeless people trying to con little girls like me. :(
*acts innocent :P

I LOL-ed at "Remember the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life".
Like that also can ! Tsk.
Those who is as lifeless as this oaf here, you may email her/ him your picture. ._.

Oh anyway, I'm back in Twitter, just so you know.
I couldn't resist the temptation. -.-
But who cares, at least I'm happy ! HAHAH.
You know what makes me even happier ?

HAHA ! ;)
Fyi, you may just click the picture to follow me. :)

Just got my Mid-Term's timetable last Friday.
Starting on the 18th May - 1st June!
One month to countdown till the very last paper ! Add Maths, that is. :O

I slept at four this morning, watching repeats of The Nanny. HAHAH !
Woke up around 10-ish.

I should really be studying now.
Guilty as charged ! :(

Have a great weekend, readers.

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Butterflies ♥
You're still a part of everything I do
You're on my heart just like a tattoo

Status : Home alone :D

Parents went over to the island for the night, and I didn't follow cause I had tuition earlier.
I'm labouring on Labour's Day. .___.
Planning to go for a late night movie tonight. Hmm, anyone up for it ?

Gonna blog about Leo Idol now ! :)
I know I'm late, really late, but better late than never, lol.

Went to Prangin first, was having lunch when Wen Jia called and asked whether I wanna join her in Han Chiang for the Leo Idol competition.
So since Alvin was performing, I guess I could go and support him.
Aren't you touched, Alvin ?

:) HAHAH !

Didn't manage to get many pictures though, LOADS of blurry ones. :(

Alvin ! & his partner, Cien Zen (if not mistaken)
Join THIS !
They created a group in Facebook. :D

Sean ! He sounded so cute when he sang. :D

Random shot

If I'm not wrong, this would be Gallus Gallus' instruments, lol.

The judges, including Baki !
In case anyone who doesn't know who Baki is, he's one of the cast of Mr Siao's Mandarin Class.

Didn't manage to stay till the end, cause Mommy came to fetch Wen Jia and me to fetch sis from the bus station.

Dinner, then home shweeeeeeet home ! ♥

Oh, I am supposed to be in Indonesia at this very moment but FUCKING Air Asia cancelled the flight and returned the money to Daddy.
And I thought I could skip school this Monday one mah ! :(
Whatever, zzz.

p/s : It's TheParents' 28th anniversary today, btw. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOMMY AND DADDY !
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