Loon Sing
As you know, I stopped at Nilai on the way home from KL.
The Sis recommended a restaurant which is quite famous in Nilai.
The food are quite okay.

For more info, click this .
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Why you so obsessed w/ me?
Day One

As some of you know, TheSuperParents said they wanted to start the journey to KL at 7.30 a.m. but due to their busy schedule dilly - dallyness, we started only at 9 !

Bought Dunkin' D on the way for TheNephew.

Reached around 2, then waited for TheSister at the Bridge Restaurant at Sungai Buloh.
After that, we went to Sunway.
Calvin was totally rushing me to meet him 'cause he was about to go back.

I like this picture.

After that, Aaron and I went to skate. *winks
It is as easy as roller skating actually.
I think Vian would enjoy it.

My legs and His annoying fingers.

Then, TheFamily and I had seafood steamboat somewhere outside Sunway.
TheSister recommended one.

Pictures ; Credits to buurps.com

Beside this restaurant, there's a pet shop.
And guess what, TheSister bought two white mice.

Took this picture at around 12 smth.


Day Two

Went to the Lagoon !
Got ready early but TheFamily dilly- dallied till it was 12 smth.
Aaron and Joanne were waiting for me outside.
Joanne is very tall, I'm very jealous.
Boo Hoo !

It was totally fun meeting her. :)

Then, played till 6, then head back to room.
I cam ho'-ed and played w/ the DSLR while waiting for my turn to bath.

He's totally concentrating on the Sudoku.
And I was like,

Me : Baby
Him : *looks up to face me
Me : Nth. *smiles
Him : *looks back to Sudoku
Me : Baby

We did that more than ten times, I think.

After we bathed (separately !) , we went to the cinema to buy Ice Age 3's tickets for TheSister, HisSister, HisBrotherInLaw, and us.
Meeting them was totally awesome !

After buying, both of us me up w/ TheParents at Wendy's for dinner.

We went back to our room around 1 (or earlier, I forgot Anime Sweat Pictures, Images and Photos).
I was carrying the DSLR everywhere.


Day Three

Woke up at 7.30 and got ready 'cause we were supposed to fetch sis back to college 'cause her class starts at twelve.
In the end, she missed her class so we I got to do a lil' shopping.

Started our journey to Nilai around 1.45.

Reached around three-ish.
Chaperoned TheSister to class, and almost got class on the way back to her room.
Anime Sweat Pictures, Images and Photos

Daddy suggested to go Giant to kill time and 'cause TheNephew was crying so much, he can't stand hotness. Tsk

Had dinner at Loon Sing.

Reached home at two !
Mummy didn't let me skip sch plus we had to perform Choral Speaking the next day, so, I forced myself to wake up.

Will update about Loon Sing tmr.

I've used THREE hours to update this.
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KL, here I come ! ♥

Yay !
I'm going to KL soon, in around an hour's time.

Will be back on late Monday.

And yesterday, the parents and I went to Penang to meet this lil guy.

Stanley Lim ♥

And, this lil boy below would be following to KL too.

Gonna go get ready now.
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07.07.09 - Happy Birthday Kim Sang Bum ! ♥
It was Hubby's birthday yesterday !
Oh. Em. Gee.
I'm starting to feel high now.
Loveeeee~ ♥
*blows kisses

Love Smiley

My hubby cute right ?!

This is so so soooooo cute !
Look at his expression !

This is also cute !
I'm actually gonna say every pictures of his is cute, wtf.

See this !
We are totally meant for each other.
Wanna know why?
We have dimples on the exact same spot !

His hoodie is so cute ! Stars ~ ★ ★
He's even cuter !
:D :D :D

You better. Eh, wait. I do not need to force. He IS cute !
♥ ♥

I ♥ You, Bummy !
Tongue Smiley

I think I might actually look a lil like this.
*points below

Creepy Smiley

That's all.
*blows kisses

Thanks to Chiayi's ★Entertainment Booth★ for some of the pictures ! ♥
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The Few Weeks

Oops !
Have been M.I.A for quite awhile now aight.
Was busy w/ lil' stuff and was admitted into the hospital.

Aiks, that's not my name.
It's my sister's.
Hahah !
She was admitted one week before me.

The view from her room's window

She's fine now.

Then, it's my turn.

Three nights. Rawrrr !
Fortunately, I've my maid to accompany me for two nights.
Boring okay !

I'm glad I had her.
She cut fruits for me. :D
I'm very easy to be pleased if you are a female. ;)

See see ! I've got flowers ! :D :D
Awww. Ain't that sweet? Hah !
It's now in my room, almost dead.

Thanks to Aaron, I got to watch Heroes ! ♥

Going to study today !
I'll try.
Praying Smiley
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