Cookie Whore
Im blogging!

Anyways, didnt blog about the two girls' birthday.
So, Im going blog about them first.
It's still February, so nevermind la.

13th February 2009

Alice Teh Poey Lin

Knew her for so long already. Had our ups and downs. We were very childish last time. Always fight one. But now she's got her boyf to do that with already.

Anyways, enjoy your 16th year of life, aight?
Love you!

22nd February 2009

Nicole Phang See Wei

Yes, this is her!
Ive known her since I was 7!
Imagine my bad luck!

Girl, dont always concentrate on your love life la.
Studies are more important, kay?


Ill blog when my PC gets back.
Currently using Dad's laptop.

Later have to go Safira Club for the Rotary Club and do a presentation on my India trip.
*bangs head*

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Shashwat's day! :D
Happy Birthday Shasha!

Who is it, you say?
It's a HE.
He's a sweet & trustworthy friend.
Ohh! & helpful too.
He's loads of fun when I was in India.
Thanks for everything.
Miss you guys back there.

Smart in Kurta. ;)

Shashwat, have a very Happy 18th Birthday, aight?
& Happy Belated Valentines!

See you soon!

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For That I Hate You
I wanna blog about CNY's reunion dinner before today, which is the last day of CNY, ends.

Yee Sang

Prawn w/ Eggs - by The Sis

Abalone & Mixed Veg.

Salty Fish Minced Meat

Pig Trotter in Sweetened Vinegar

Chicken Curry

Mmmm Ymmmm.
What do you think about it?
Mum cooked most of them.
Tres -Magnifique!

There's acually a few more but I didnt take pic of them.

Anyways, wish all the Chinese who celebrates CNY, Happy Chap Goh Meh!
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Spring Rain Washed Over The Sun

Gonna blog about the Hokkien CNY last Monday midnight.
Okay, it's all picts and few words.

Yes, I feel the roasted piglet is disgusting & eerie. So pity kayy!
See this! Note the three front joss sticks. The ashes are gold in colour! *excited*

Stupid annoying bitch! >:(

Went Kek Lok Si on the third night of CNY and last Tues.
Dont ask why.

Isnt the lightings pretty?

Went to Coffee Island after that.
When we were about to head home, Mum & I saw Tern Chern.
Havent seen him almost a year already, I think.
He's The Sister's friend and my Chemistry teacher's son.

Then I reached home around 1-ish, almost 2.
& I had to wake up at 5 the next day.
Someone asked me to skip school but Mum didnt let cause I skipped the previous day.

Changed the blogskin & I changed a lot of the htmls. It ate loads of my time! But I do love the outcome. No pain, no gain right? :) Fine. It wasnt even pain at all, but still, it took loads of my precious time! *grins*
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Boys Boys Boys

Went to Aeon w/ the buds!
Let me list them down. *sticks tongue out*
Vian, Jo, Pinky, See Wei, Carmen, Pei Chen, Gaik Nee & Iong Chen.
Asshole said he was coming so I took his junk along & he did not come in the end.

Walked around finding or cute contacts' cases.
But dont have.
After that, went to Starbucks to get my Chai Tea Latte!

Went to Ichiban Ramen to find Yee Ween & Clariss so that I can go back before 6.
I had a CNY dinner at night.
Then Vian wanna go to the toilet.
I camwhore-ed there, cause phone's spoiled so camera is also unavailable so I used Vian's and Jo's phone to take picts.
*hearts them*

Close your eyes for the next one!

Close your fucking eyes, you pervs! LOL

Went back after that.
Reached home around 6.30.
Mum said I was supposed to reach before 6 but I reached half an hour later.
Fortunately Mum wasnt at home yet.
*wipes sweat*
Mum was two hours late!
Had emergency case.

Gave Yee Ween the puppy to play with and I was holding the puppy's Mum.

Yes, that's me. Vian nothing else better to do. LOL

Anyways, there are more picts!

Mummy, Daddy, I love you!

I seem to have cataract. LOL

That's all!

P/S: At last got picts in posts! *jumps jumps jumps*
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