Thirty- First !
Tanggal 31, bulan 8, 57~

Happy 53rd Independence Day, Malaysians !

#iheartmalaysia was trending at the sixth place last night until everyone went to sleep lol !

#iheartmalaysia 'cause of the food which I can get 24/7.
#iheartmalaysia 'cause of the holidays ! Multi-racial country rocks my socks ! :D
#iheartmalaysia 'cause I don't need to spend money on winter apparels HAHAHA.

This post about Malaysia is making me crave for 'Rojak' and 'Char Koay Teow' lol !
I'm hungry now although I just had Nando's.

There were some owls spamming the "#iheartmalaysia" hashtag every second trying to maintain it on TrendingTopic haha.
I was up till seven, HAHAHA.
I had only two hours of sleep until now wtf.
I can't really differentiate if it's my mascara running down or it's THOSE eyebags HAHA !

Anyway, I woke up at nine 'cause I had a date with Daddy to get Baskin's !
HOHO I am so very the happy. :P

I was #269 !

Mommy's, Daddy's and Moi's ♥

World Class Chocolate & Mint Chocolate Chip.

I really regret not getting Quart, pffft. :(
Had a small argument with the rude staffs there earlier but shall not talk about it.
I'm turning over a new leaf haha ! :)

I shall go to bed now or continue studying for the Physics Quiz tomorrow.
Teacher's giving us extra marks for Trials if we can answer her questions, and this woman really isn't one to be played with zzz.
Toodles ! xx
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Nellcis Home-made Snacks
TheParents came home with a few boxes of cakes last night.
But it was almost one and I was really full, so I only ate this morning.

Banana Flavour

Coconut Flavour

Italy Marble Cheesecake

And this is my favourite of all !
Actually, I only ate this haha, and it tastes really good.

Durian Flavour !
(Note : I eat/drink/shit anything that comes in that flavour, lol.)

Had that and half-boiled kampung eggs for breakfast.


All those cakes are home-made, as you can read on the box.

I don't know if they provide delivery services but you can get to them at :-

Nellcis Home-made Snacks
6-5-2 Komplex Farlim,
Lebuhraya Thean Teik,
Bandar Baru,
Ayer Itam 11500 Penang.
Nely - 016 443 1336
Chin - 0164538133

They have a variety of assorted breads, cheesecakes, tea cakes, fresh-cream cakes and cookies.
Gift pack, full moon cakes and "Thank you" cakes for weddings are provided upon order.

Go and give it a try ! :D
I will when I go over the island the next time. ;)
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Names for Hammies Please ! ♥

Oh, hello everybody, readers (if i even still have any).
I've like extra classes 24/7 everyday now.
Seminars and tuitions, since Trials is less than a month away.
screams and runs like a lala*

As a matter of fact, I just came back from Biology class, had Add Maths in the morning.
That, points above* was yesterday. Couldn't finish blogging 'cause Streamyx was giving a sucky service. BOOO !!!
Anyway, not much different, I just came back from Physics and I had Add Maths before that.
Just for a few more months, a few more months.....

Came home, took off contacts and drove out to buy KFC.
I was very hungry and was craving for Finger Lickin' Good chickens !

Om nom nom nom*

I have been wanting to get hamsters for a while now.
I used to have one a few years back but it died.
It's either lonely or I was a bad owner. (I've a strong feeling it's the latter one, tsk.)
Pity him/her. I forgot whether it's a girl or a boy, I just remembered I named it "Furby". :D
Before Furby, I had a few more when I was younger.
I was traumatized then, 'cause EVERY SINGLE ONE of the hamsters I reared, loves to bite me till I bleed. FML

But now, I'm ready to rear them again cause I'm older and braver ! ( HAHAHA ! Righhhht....., it's cause my brother said these hamsters are tame ones and they won't bite la. :P)
I just got them yesterday.
Bought from a shop on the 5th floor in Prangin. :)

Temporary house for my babies

I heart them so much ! :D

This is the female one, so CUTESY right ~ !

The boy is superhyperactive. He runs 24/7, especially in the middle of the night !

My house is full of animalias right now. :D
I RIKE ! :D :D

Hoho, Mr. Pricklepants is shy ! So, no pictures.
But ! I promise to take picts of him and blog about him soon, when he wanna come out from the shell that is. :)

Okay, back to Vampire Diaries.
Au revoir.

P/S : Readers, don't give up on me just yet okay ? :)
Double P/S : I still have no idea what to name the two hammies. Idea please ! :D
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Adoption Day !

Been on hiatus for one month plus, I've never stopped blogging for that long period of time before. TSK !
Had Mid- Terms and monthly test, so I was kinda busy for a moment.

Gonna blog about an event at Prangin Mall from a few weeks ago. Coughs*
This event was to promote adoption of mutts, therefore Adoption Day was held.

Adoption Day !
The lower banner was to inform everyone about a charity food fair held the following week.

They had a stall selling animals' (mostly dogs and cats) things; food, outfits etc.
Everything was on sale. :D

Some big shot (I've no idea who.) gave a speech etc.

During this event, there were two competitions. Yes, for the dogs and their owners. ;)

First competition was the "Look-Alike Contest".

Contestant #1

Contestant #2

The Pomeranian is so cute and bushy !

Contestant #3

Contestant #4


The Shih- Tzu is so cute ! His fur is like a lion's ! HAHA

............Jeng Jeng Jeng.........

Winner goes to............................

Who else ?! They're the most look-a-like already !

The crowd's here for.......

The Eating Competition ! LOL

The green shirt contestant won by the way. She has the smallest dog, haha. :D

Gonna continue to study now, Trials is in six weeks' time ! T.T
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