Names for Hammies Please ! ♥

Oh, hello everybody, readers (if i even still have any).
I've like extra classes 24/7 everyday now.
Seminars and tuitions, since Trials is less than a month away.
screams and runs like a lala*

As a matter of fact, I just came back from Biology class, had Add Maths in the morning.
That, points above* was yesterday. Couldn't finish blogging 'cause Streamyx was giving a sucky service. BOOO !!!
Anyway, not much different, I just came back from Physics and I had Add Maths before that.
Just for a few more months, a few more months.....

Came home, took off contacts and drove out to buy KFC.
I was very hungry and was craving for Finger Lickin' Good chickens !

Om nom nom nom*

I have been wanting to get hamsters for a while now.
I used to have one a few years back but it died.
It's either lonely or I was a bad owner. (I've a strong feeling it's the latter one, tsk.)
Pity him/her. I forgot whether it's a girl or a boy, I just remembered I named it "Furby". :D
Before Furby, I had a few more when I was younger.
I was traumatized then, 'cause EVERY SINGLE ONE of the hamsters I reared, loves to bite me till I bleed. FML

But now, I'm ready to rear them again cause I'm older and braver ! ( HAHAHA ! Righhhht....., it's cause my brother said these hamsters are tame ones and they won't bite la. :P)
I just got them yesterday.
Bought from a shop on the 5th floor in Prangin. :)

Temporary house for my babies

I heart them so much ! :D

This is the female one, so CUTESY right ~ !

The boy is superhyperactive. He runs 24/7, especially in the middle of the night !

My house is full of animalias right now. :D
I RIKE ! :D :D

Hoho, Mr. Pricklepants is shy ! So, no pictures.
But ! I promise to take picts of him and blog about him soon, when he wanna come out from the shell that is. :)

Okay, back to Vampire Diaries.
Au revoir.

P/S : Readers, don't give up on me just yet okay ? :)
Double P/S : I still have no idea what to name the two hammies. Idea please ! :D
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