Nellcis Home-made Snacks
TheParents came home with a few boxes of cakes last night.
But it was almost one and I was really full, so I only ate this morning.

Banana Flavour

Coconut Flavour

Italy Marble Cheesecake

And this is my favourite of all !
Actually, I only ate this haha, and it tastes really good.

Durian Flavour !
(Note : I eat/drink/shit anything that comes in that flavour, lol.)

Had that and half-boiled kampung eggs for breakfast.


All those cakes are home-made, as you can read on the box.

I don't know if they provide delivery services but you can get to them at :-

Nellcis Home-made Snacks
6-5-2 Komplex Farlim,
Lebuhraya Thean Teik,
Bandar Baru,
Ayer Itam 11500 Penang.
Nely - 016 443 1336
Chin - 0164538133

They have a variety of assorted breads, cheesecakes, tea cakes, fresh-cream cakes and cookies.
Gift pack, full moon cakes and "Thank you" cakes for weddings are provided upon order.

Go and give it a try ! :D
I will when I go over the island the next time. ;)
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