One Way
Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, there you go.

I am a good photographer and editor.
I took this pictures with his phone and he's playing with my phone.
See la. Now spoil dee.

Kay la. It's my own fault la.

Anyways, Im now addicted to christian songs.
All because of the guy above.
*smacks forehead

"One way, Jesus, You're the only one that I could live for"

That's One Way by Hillsong United.
Go listen!

p/s : The Shih Tzu - Australian Terrier mixed is under the computer table now. *annoyed

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You Belong To Me
Stephenie IM-ed me just now.
Lame arse.
Always use weird words against me.
And always calls me Banana for not being able to speak fluent Mandarin.
She even said rot is a difficult word.


This is a conversation between two besties.
I forgot what happened.
Anyways, i love you bestie!
*big kiss

My writing is much better than his. Hah!

This is the sister and me a few weeks back only.
When she was home for the weekends.
She was in the room behind me but we were crazily high resulted in....*points below

Had to colour her face or she'll kill me.
But I like her in the picture.
It's sweet.
On the other hand, look at my steam look.
I SERIOUSLY look like this.

This is Hsien and me.
I think it's during Christmas or CNY or his family's birthday.
He said he's eating a lot.
Gonna grow fatter or smth.

Hsien's drawing of.....*coughs*

I wanna go Fahrenheit's promo tour!
Mum doesn't allow.
Idk what's wrong with her.
*walks to the corner and cries

Everyone I know is practically going!
Helllllooo~! What a mother.
There's no benefit of letting me stay at home also.
a. Ill rot
b. Im gonna let words from her mouth go from one side of the ear to another
c. Im not even gonna study!
For God's sake! Let me gooooooooo!
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Rest In Peace ♥
These are my dogs.
Not all la.
It's only a few.
I'm a proud owner of five dogs.
Oh wait.

Left : Dou Dou (DD) ; Right : Cou Cou (CC)

DD is still roaming in my house and currently this minute, she's under my Mum's house office table. :)

CC is sold to Mum's friend around two months back or so. Believe it or not. He / She (I forgot) is actually the puppy in my blog header. Hah! It grew so fast. His / Her fur is very soft. Gawd. She came back to my house 'cause the owner went to somewhere or something.

Another fact : Vian used to call it Duno.
Vian, so the picture answered the questions you asked the other day huh? Hah!

And this is Stitch. He's my sister's mute dog. Yeah, Im serious. Mute. His effing previous owner took his voice box out just because he loves barking.
Eh! If I actually know you, Im gonna frigging take your voice box the hard way.

So, you ask, why am I so agitated?
He died.
Just a few days before choral speaking competition.
There's a cobra who bit them. Them as in my other dog.
Which meant I lost two of my dogs to the f-ing cobra.
I cried like mad when I knew.

Parents were in KL for different reasons.
So, they were not together at all.
I was home alone with the maid.

Stitch is a very good dog.
He's an Australian Terrier.
He has the tendency to catch rats and all those stuff.
Once, Sis actually left him in parents' room to catch the rat.
It worked.
I love him so so much.
Rest In Peace, boy.

Jojo is the other unfortunate one.
She's my dog.
She's my beloved Labrador.
I do not have her pictures at all.
Computer was reformatted and.....
All I have left of her is in my heart.
She was in the family when she was only a few months old.
I was 12 then.
She knows what to do when you're sad.
She licks you and try to cheer you up.
Oh god. I've gotta stop.

Rest In Peace too, baby.
I'll always love you.

So, currently I have only three dogs left.
The Dalmatian, The Shih Tzu- Australian Terrier mixed (DD's and Stitch's baby) and DD.

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Yes, I'm that girl up there.
Got a prob?

Sis wanna exchange cameras with me.
*laughs uncontrollably

DSLR or a pocket camera?
She chose the pocket camera cause she's going to some formal dress dinner or something in college.
Impossible she's gonna take that fat camera right?

I'm gonna take over the DSLR soon.
Pinky, you've now got your photoshoot partner already.

What's wrong with me?
wro-o-ong with me
我还相信爱 怎么那么奇怪?
What's wrong with me
wro-o-ong with me
我还相信人 I must have a problem

That song is nice.
It's my blog title.

p/s : Tomorrow- Last effing paper! Wheeeeee~!

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I've got nth to blog.
Maybe I do but "The Factor : Lazy" is overcoming me.


Anyway, one paper left then.... holiday, here I come!

*jumps around

I get to go out with boyf!
*jumps even higher and bouncier

One more thing, I wanna go see Fahrenheit in Auto City for their Promo Tour!
Hell yeah!




I cannot stand already!
I NEEEED to stop rotting at home with THOOOSEEE books!

Add maths ar!
Your fault la!
Why are you the last paper on a Monday?!
If you do not exist then I will have a free weekend already lorr!
*tears book into pieces and throws like confetti


*crawls back to book which is still one piece
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"One minute it's love,
And suddenly it's like a battlefield"

I seriously am crazy over this song.
I like the lyrics and rhythm.

Anyways, was staying in Penang a week back at Copthorne.
Parents wanted to play with the grandson.
I wanted to........ bitch beach!

His name is so effing long. I had to snap from a total side angle.

I love this picture a lot. It reminds me of those times. Happy times.
I feel so down right now.

The hell of the weekend goes to the above. *points points

Click the collage to enlarge.

Peaceful. Don't you think so?

Who wants to take me to the beach now? I want to listen to the waves all night long.

Last but not least,

*oh whatever!*

i miss him

Stupid exams! Pfffft
pffft Pictures, Images and Photos

p/s: I like my new haircut but it's poking my eyes. *smacks forehead
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I know this is not the greatest picture in the world but I am too happy to even bother.

Too small? Aww. Sorry. Look below then.

Yes! We WON!

This picture is to show you my f-ing eye bags.
I came home from Penang and reached only at 1-ish.
I slept at TWO and woke up at FIVE-FORTY-FIVE!
I almost slept during the competition but we were team number 7, how to sleep?! No peaceful mind also.

Oh! And got loads of flies weihh!
Annoyed by fly Pictures, Images and Photos
We kept shoo-ing them away but they love us loads!

Look at those...... *speechless*

Last picture of the day


I'm proud of you girls!
The bitch said we would perform to lose but we made her eat her words.
Winking Pictures, Images and Photos

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Am going to Penang soon.
Dad is gonna stay in the hotel for a night.
Mummy and I cant cause Ive got competition tmr and she has got to fetch me.

So, am gonna hang out in Gurney today.
See yah.

Will update about my two dinners of seafood in a row soon.
Maybe this week or after my mid-year exams.

13th May - 25th May will be the worst two weeks of the month.
Idk how to studyyyyy!

p/s : Having mood swings right now. Zzzz
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