Last Few Days Of College Life

I have presentation assigned for this semester and I've three presentations.
Finished up one today and I've two more (Physics and Chemistry) tomorrow.
Biology was okay I guess. We'll see how it goes when I get my results, hah.

Anyway, everyone was taking pictures with everyone 'cause it's not like we wear formal everyday and some of them are in college for the last time. D:
Everyone's going their own way now, boohoo.
7 months of college life is really, really short.
Time just flew past us. :(
Pictures of me with just some of the close friends I'm with these 7 months. :)


Ee Zeng


Karen The Roomie !

Hui Wen

That's all for now.
Gotta go memorise tomorrow's slides now, BUHBYE !
More pictures with other mates tomorrow ! :D
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The Past Is History, The Future Is A Mystery & The Present Is A Gift

Currently in college's computer lab, connected the LAN wire to my laptop, hanging out with Karen. :)

I just wanna rant a few things, that's all. It wasn't a good start for the week for me. Bad news kept coming in and I really feel like exploding. It really is different to be alone in another state as compared to having uncountable problems back at home with your Dad and Mom together with you.

Parents would call me every single day to know what's going on in my life here and I'm glad they do. I do feel bad for the fact they are always the one who call me instead of me calling them. (I DO CALL THEM ! Just not often enough. Oops.) Mom actually called and complained to me about this, hahaha. And I gave her a stupid excuse, saying my phone is out of battery. But I ain't kidding about that, BIS eats a lot of my battery life ! It usually can only last me for 5 hours minimum and 9 hours maximum. ZZZZ !

Ok, about the bad news... I didn't manage to get a seat for the university I applied for. I was very hopeful in getting a seat but FUCKMYLIFE, the university decided to raise the passing mark this year. Only five seats were given for Veterinary Science and overall, only 46 seats were given. Bear in mind, over 200+ of students applied and sat for the Entrance Exam.
How now brown cow ?

I've no idea as well. I'm applying for another university which is famous for and specializes in Veterinary Science. Was told I would get the news whether I'm offered a seat or not next week.
I'm really worried right now. I had not thought of a Plan B. I didn't think this would happen. I had all my plans and pathway worked out and suddenly I was slammed with such news. I really had no idea what to do. So yeah, I'll just hope for the best now for good news next week. Prays*

Parents kept calling to know how I feel and all. From their tone, I know they are worried sick. I think I shut them off cause I was feeling so down and that led them to getting even more worried. I'm sorry Mommy and Daddy. :(

Ahh, this is the first time I actually posted something really detailed about my life.

Anyway, I feel really blessed having them to support me all the way in my life and I know I should stop being such a bitch to think only of myself and think of my parents. :)
And I'm super glad that I'm going back to Penang tomorrow ! I miss home so much. IT'S BEEN TWO MONTHS PLUS !!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see my girls. ♥

Gonna go make a list of my plans and hopefully I'll manage to do all. :D
Jo and Vian asked me write a list of what I wanna eat as well, haha. :D
Got to go now, I've class at 5 and I need my nap ! My eyes are feeling super dry now and it's the time of the month. FATIGUE ! Ugghhh...!!

Toodles, xx !
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