Last Few Days Of College Life

I have presentation assigned for this semester and I've three presentations.
Finished up one today and I've two more (Physics and Chemistry) tomorrow.
Biology was okay I guess. We'll see how it goes when I get my results, hah.

Anyway, everyone was taking pictures with everyone 'cause it's not like we wear formal everyday and some of them are in college for the last time. D:
Everyone's going their own way now, boohoo.
7 months of college life is really, really short.
Time just flew past us. :(
Pictures of me with just some of the close friends I'm with these 7 months. :)


Ee Zeng


Karen The Roomie !

Hui Wen

That's all for now.
Gotta go memorise tomorrow's slides now, BUHBYE !
More pictures with other mates tomorrow ! :D
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