Last Sunday, Specializ Pet Care Centre had this event called Pet Fancy Wedding Competition at Prangin Mall.

One of the gowns that SpecializPetCareCentre sewed.

Getting ready. :D

Organizing chairman getting interviewed by NTV7.
Click to watch the news.
ASTRO was having an event downstairs, and they came upstairs to cover this event.

Ok, cute stuff coming right up ! Heh heh heh.
Puppies, dogs, all pedigrees.

His name's Tiny. Ain't this an irony lol.
He's super fat and awesomely cute !
I used to have one, I miss my Pom. :(

Lol, the way he stood cracked me up.

Hand-made bridal gown.
This is the most eye-catching gown that day.
So pretty !

Trophies for three categories;
Pet Wedding of The Year
Pet Fancy Costume (Male)
Pet Fancy Costume (Bitch)

Puppy cots ! :)

Judges of The Day

White Pomeranians !

Brown Poms

Feathered fedora

Awww ♥

There were more than twenty dogs at the event !

Specializ Pet Care Centre
A5/K09, Level 5 ,

Prangin Mall
Georgetown, Penang 10100

Bought JD & JS here ! Can't wait for them to have babies hoho.

Gonna show you people something uncommon. ;)

Rabbit w/ dog's fur lol !
Super chubee !!!

Services provided :-
  • Boarding
  • Grooming
  • Treatment
Call for more info. :)
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Harujuku ♥ Lovers

Trials is finally overrrrr !
:D :D :D

Just came back from Add Maths tuition.
Friends gave me my surprise birthday present ! ♥

They got me one of Gwen Stefani's frangrance from the Harujuku Lovers collection.
Thanks loves ! I ♥ it. kisses*

Lil' Angel

Jennifer Kita is the inspiration for the fragrance Angel, being described as a someone who has always cared for others but is not a saint. The scent reflects this personality. It has floral notes but has a touch of fruity fun.

My second day of vegetarian ! omnomnom*
Gotta get ready now, going over the island in a bit.

Enjoy your day everyone. winks*
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