Oh Darling, I Wish You Were Here.
You were my life
You were my faith
You gave me hope everyday

Oopsie ! Was reading my blog's chatbox and just realized I haven't update it for more than a month. :O
I've always TRIED to make a point that I don't skip a post any month.
Short, blog at least once a month, which is kinda disappointing though.
Busy, busy & life has not been very happening lately. :(

Gonna update about my life these few weeks (days more likely).
Oh before that, I would like to proudly say I have not online-ed for the past SEVEN DAYS ! :D
No facebook, no browser for a week weih !
But guess what, I actually dreamt of Facebook once this whole week.
I dreamt that I had only 21 notifications and 1 friend requests, lol !
*smacks forehead
Lifeless much, tsk.

And I'm not planning to log in my FB now though even I'm online.


Twitter too !
I've mid terms in around three weeks (?), that's why. D;

Oh great, just had a text from someone saying he's watching Ironman 2 now, FML very much. T.T

Went to watch Pinky and Jo-Ey perform in Pearl View one of the Saturdays.

Pinky - Vron Yeoh (Dance instructor) - Jo-Ey

Jia Weng's annoying hand, he was trying to show off his rings. -.- LOL

Went to Old Town opposite Sunway for dinner-supper.

Polaroids !

Thanks Mun Hou for fetching us there and Jia Weng for fetching me home. :D
License, oh...... license.

Cousin and her husband came back to Penang from Singapore to prepare their wedding which is at the end of May.

Her make-up artist came over to try what make-up cousin wants.

Went over to the island after that for the PC fair, then Queens to meet up with some long lost relative of Dad's at Borders. Saw Aaron there, and he took me around, AGAIN. Yup, it's not the first time, lol.
Went to bro's shop in Prangin after that and dinner with his whole family somewhere in the island. ._.
Met Mei Ying and her family in the restaurant, she was visiting her Dad in the hospital.
Hope Uncle's fine now. ;)

Oh, sis was back for a week after few of her papers.
It was last minute when she said we will be going to Kuang Yee for a family shoot.
Will only be getting the pictures one month later, can't wait ! ;D

Bought three pints of Häagen-Dazs ice cream the other day. It was on promotion what !
Cannot. Resist. Sales.

Macadamia Nut- Mascarpone, Passion Fruit & Truffles- Cookies & Cream

The Mascarpone one's amazingly yummy !
It's limited edition, btw.

Gonna burn midnight oil now, bye. ;)
Shall update soon, very soon.
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