One Month & Going Strong !
Hah. Blogging once in a blue moon. Sometimes, I wonder if I should just delete this blog away since I'm not so much of an avid blogger like I used to be. But then, I like reading posts from years back and see how much I've gone through and grown. But I ain't saying that I've really grown up though. Yeah, I admit, I'm still immature and selfish at times, hah. Well, no one's THAT perfect right ?

Okay.... Time flies, really fast. I've been in Indonesia for a month plus now and I've done more than my share of complaining to my family and friends. Hell, that's what I gave them. :( I'm really sorry and I'm gonna try to learn to grow up and face this like an adult. Well, it's about time huh. Gotta stop worrying my parents. 

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure. -William Feather

Anyway, university ain't that bad. New place, new environment, new people and new language. And you think Indonesian Language and Malay Language is the same. Can die trying to speak and understand Indonesian. BUT it's still fun. :P Met so many new friends. People here are freaking humble and sweet. I ain't joking, even if you poke them a million times, they can actually contain their anger and speak to you politely. For me, I would have strangled that person. LOL. 
I love this freaking campus 'cause it's covered with trees and plants, no joke. 

My faculty ! :)

Horsie people, HORSIE ! :D

The campus is humongous. I can actually lose weight here. One class to another class is freaking far. I got lost finding my class during the first week but thank God there's so many people I could ask. :D
Anyway, I can find my classes closing my eyes now, haha. But having two weeks of holidays now isn't helping much though. D:

I've been spending my holidays here by confining myself in the room, eating junks and watching movies and dramas. Currently, I'm watching Supernatural Season Five. And I've four more days of holidays left with only one season left. D: HOW NOW BROWN COW lol

Mom and Sis came over to visit me few days back. 
And they brought me loads of food from back home.

Sis bought Sio Bak the morning before they flew here so yeah, YUMMERS hehehe. The hell, I was craving for pork for weeks ! :( So difficult to find chu yoke here, pfft.

Butterfly Henna just for 15MYR ! @Rp40000
Hanging out w/ Sis & Mom in J.Co.
After that, us three girls went to do some mani pedi. ;) I went to get a haircut as well. I've lost 9 inches of my hair. I AINT KIDDING. See my hair in the above pict ? Now it barely reaches my chest. T.T Anyway, I still needed a change though so yeah...

Ta-dah !
Loving the ends of the newly cut-hair. SMOOOOOOTH :D

Gonna stop now and come back again, and hopefully soon. 
Oh, one more complain, the mosquitoes here just don't die easy. I sprayed mosquito spray THRICE yesterday and I still woke up at 3 in the morning to scratch like crazy. Then I sprayed once more this morning, and I'm now practically having a war with em' Mofos.
Ok, bye. xx
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