It's Saturday !
Tralala ~
Toyed with the webcam while waiting for the others to get ready, heh.
Just came back from town for dinner with some uni mates from Malaysia. :)
Went to Pantasteiik @ Botani Square.

Top : Dyana played with her leftovers. ._.
Left : Charisha's Sirloin Steak
Right : My Chicken Kiev

And hell, the food there.... DO NOT GO THERE.
The chicken sucked. Freaking dry. -.-

High-waisted floral skirt 

Ohhhh, no more my long long hair. :(
Mom just texted me earlier and randomly asked me, "So you like your new haircut ?" Hahah, yes I do. It's kinda short but I like it ! :)
Kkk, gonna wash up and continue my Supernatural. 

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