♂ Little Miss and Mr Men ♀

εїз Mr. Strong and Mr. Bump εїз

Yay, bought both of these but none of them is mine, pfft.
Mr. Strong is TheSister's and Mr. Bump is Ms. Chong Vi Vian. :)
Now to think about it, it was definitely a right choice to buy her Mr. Bump. She's always hurting herself wherever she goes, tsk.
Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to my beloved sister and dearest bff. Hope you love the present which you haven't received haha. 


I WANNA GET ONE FOR MYSELF TOO ! But left Little Miss Sunshine. Not cute as the other two. :(

Ok..., holidays are about to end and classes are to start tomorrow. T.T
Everyone's back from their hometown and all, so goodbye privacy and goodbye lonely eerie nights.

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