Rest In Peace ♥
These are my dogs.
Not all la.
It's only a few.
I'm a proud owner of five dogs.
Oh wait.

Left : Dou Dou (DD) ; Right : Cou Cou (CC)

DD is still roaming in my house and currently this minute, she's under my Mum's house office table. :)

CC is sold to Mum's friend around two months back or so. Believe it or not. He / She (I forgot) is actually the puppy in my blog header. Hah! It grew so fast. His / Her fur is very soft. Gawd. She came back to my house 'cause the owner went to somewhere or something.

Another fact : Vian used to call it Duno.
Vian, so the picture answered the questions you asked the other day huh? Hah!

And this is Stitch. He's my sister's mute dog. Yeah, Im serious. Mute. His effing previous owner took his voice box out just because he loves barking.
Eh! If I actually know you, Im gonna frigging take your voice box the hard way.

So, you ask, why am I so agitated?
He died.
Just a few days before choral speaking competition.
There's a cobra who bit them. Them as in my other dog.
Which meant I lost two of my dogs to the f-ing cobra.
I cried like mad when I knew.

Parents were in KL for different reasons.
So, they were not together at all.
I was home alone with the maid.

Stitch is a very good dog.
He's an Australian Terrier.
He has the tendency to catch rats and all those stuff.
Once, Sis actually left him in parents' room to catch the rat.
It worked.
I love him so so much.
Rest In Peace, boy.

Jojo is the other unfortunate one.
She's my dog.
She's my beloved Labrador.
I do not have her pictures at all.
Computer was reformatted and.....
All I have left of her is in my heart.
She was in the family when she was only a few months old.
I was 12 then.
She knows what to do when you're sad.
She licks you and try to cheer you up.
Oh god. I've gotta stop.

Rest In Peace too, baby.
I'll always love you.

So, currently I have only three dogs left.
The Dalmatian, The Shih Tzu- Australian Terrier mixed (DD's and Stitch's baby) and DD.

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