You Belong To Me
Stephenie IM-ed me just now.
Lame arse.
Always use weird words against me.
And always calls me Banana for not being able to speak fluent Mandarin.
She even said rot is a difficult word.


This is a conversation between two besties.
I forgot what happened.
Anyways, i love you bestie!
*big kiss

My writing is much better than his. Hah!

This is the sister and me a few weeks back only.
When she was home for the weekends.
She was in the room behind me but we were crazily high resulted in....*points below

Had to colour her face or she'll kill me.
But I like her in the picture.
It's sweet.
On the other hand, look at my steam look.
I SERIOUSLY look like this.

This is Hsien and me.
I think it's during Christmas or CNY or his family's birthday.
He said he's eating a lot.
Gonna grow fatter or smth.

Hsien's drawing of.....*coughs*

I wanna go Fahrenheit's promo tour!
Mum doesn't allow.
Idk what's wrong with her.
*walks to the corner and cries

Everyone I know is practically going!
Helllllooo~! What a mother.
There's no benefit of letting me stay at home also.
a. Ill rot
b. Im gonna let words from her mouth go from one side of the ear to another
c. Im not even gonna study!
For God's sake! Let me gooooooooo!
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