Thirty- First !
Tanggal 31, bulan 8, 57~

Happy 53rd Independence Day, Malaysians !

#iheartmalaysia was trending at the sixth place last night until everyone went to sleep lol !

#iheartmalaysia 'cause of the food which I can get 24/7.
#iheartmalaysia 'cause of the holidays ! Multi-racial country rocks my socks ! :D
#iheartmalaysia 'cause I don't need to spend money on winter apparels HAHAHA.

This post about Malaysia is making me crave for 'Rojak' and 'Char Koay Teow' lol !
I'm hungry now although I just had Nando's.

There were some owls spamming the "#iheartmalaysia" hashtag every second trying to maintain it on TrendingTopic haha.
I was up till seven, HAHAHA.
I had only two hours of sleep until now wtf.
I can't really differentiate if it's my mascara running down or it's THOSE eyebags HAHA !

Anyway, I woke up at nine 'cause I had a date with Daddy to get Baskin's !
HOHO I am so very the happy. :P

I was #269 !

Mommy's, Daddy's and Moi's ♥

World Class Chocolate & Mint Chocolate Chip.

I really regret not getting Quart, pffft. :(
Had a small argument with the rude staffs there earlier but shall not talk about it.
I'm turning over a new leaf haha ! :)

I shall go to bed now or continue studying for the Physics Quiz tomorrow.
Teacher's giving us extra marks for Trials if we can answer her questions, and this woman really isn't one to be played with zzz.
Toodles ! xx
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3 Responses
  1. Katak Says:

    i love char koay teow too ;D
    Happy merdeka!

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Why ? Cos I can.

  3. Su-Szien Says:

    >Katak ; Great minds think alike HAHA. :D

    >Anonymous ; Yeah, yeah. The whole world revolves around you. LOL