Adoption Day !

Been on hiatus for one month plus, I've never stopped blogging for that long period of time before. TSK !
Had Mid- Terms and monthly test, so I was kinda busy for a moment.

Gonna blog about an event at Prangin Mall from a few weeks ago. Coughs*
This event was to promote adoption of mutts, therefore Adoption Day was held.

Adoption Day !
The lower banner was to inform everyone about a charity food fair held the following week.

They had a stall selling animals' (mostly dogs and cats) things; food, outfits etc.
Everything was on sale. :D

Some big shot (I've no idea who.) gave a speech etc.

During this event, there were two competitions. Yes, for the dogs and their owners. ;)

First competition was the "Look-Alike Contest".

Contestant #1

Contestant #2

The Pomeranian is so cute and bushy !

Contestant #3

Contestant #4


The Shih- Tzu is so cute ! His fur is like a lion's ! HAHA

............Jeng Jeng Jeng.........

Winner goes to............................

Who else ?! They're the most look-a-like already !

The crowd's here for.......

The Eating Competition ! LOL

The green shirt contestant won by the way. She has the smallest dog, haha. :D

Gonna continue to study now, Trials is in six weeks' time ! T.T
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    eh why every post got your picture oneeeee!

    And when only you wanna come see my dog? :D