Spring Rain Washed Over The Sun

Gonna blog about the Hokkien CNY last Monday midnight.
Okay, it's all picts and few words.

Yes, I feel the roasted piglet is disgusting & eerie. So pity kayy!
See this! Note the three front joss sticks. The ashes are gold in colour! *excited*

Stupid annoying bitch! >:(

Went Kek Lok Si on the third night of CNY and last Tues.
Dont ask why.

Isnt the lightings pretty?

Went to Coffee Island after that.
When we were about to head home, Mum & I saw Tern Chern.
Havent seen him almost a year already, I think.
He's The Sister's friend and my Chemistry teacher's son.

Then I reached home around 1-ish, almost 2.
& I had to wake up at 5 the next day.
Someone asked me to skip school but Mum didnt let cause I skipped the previous day.

Changed the blogskin & I changed a lot of the htmls. It ate loads of my time! But I do love the outcome. No pain, no gain right? :) Fine. It wasnt even pain at all, but still, it took loads of my precious time! *grins*
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