Cookie Whore
Im blogging!

Anyways, didnt blog about the two girls' birthday.
So, Im going blog about them first.
It's still February, so nevermind la.

13th February 2009

Alice Teh Poey Lin

Knew her for so long already. Had our ups and downs. We were very childish last time. Always fight one. But now she's got her boyf to do that with already.

Anyways, enjoy your 16th year of life, aight?
Love you!

22nd February 2009

Nicole Phang See Wei

Yes, this is her!
Ive known her since I was 7!
Imagine my bad luck!

Girl, dont always concentrate on your love life la.
Studies are more important, kay?


Ill blog when my PC gets back.
Currently using Dad's laptop.

Later have to go Safira Club for the Rotary Club and do a presentation on my India trip.
*bangs head*

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