Thinking Of You
I wanna make up right na na na,
I wanna make up right na na na,
Wish we never broke up na na na,
We need to link up right na na na.

Haven't been doing anyth lately.
No phone : No Pics : No Post

∴ , no phone equals to no updated blog.

Fineeee, don't bother what Im crapping about.

Yay! First exams ends!

Eh, wait, Ive got EST next Tues.

Last minute one.
I never got a lesson on that at all.
So, I asked whether need to study one a not.
He just answered, "Hmm. No need. No need."

You rock, Sir!

Anyways, Im sure to fail my Physics.
I dont understand what the questions asking also.
& I skipped 4 questions of Add Maths.
Oh man! I've got time but Idk how to do.

Dad's having a charity food fair next Sunday (15th March).
& Mum's going Bangkok.
Sooooo, she left me in charge to sell off the fat puppy!

Cute not?! CUTE NOOOOOT?!!

Note to Public : Wanna buy? Give a call or whatsoever equivalent to that.

Give you all see another one.

Come to the food fair or my house to see it LIVE!

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