The Few Weeks

Oops !
Have been M.I.A for quite awhile now aight.
Was busy w/ lil' stuff and was admitted into the hospital.

Aiks, that's not my name.
It's my sister's.
Hahah !
She was admitted one week before me.

The view from her room's window

She's fine now.

Then, it's my turn.

Three nights. Rawrrr !
Fortunately, I've my maid to accompany me for two nights.
Boring okay !

I'm glad I had her.
She cut fruits for me. :D
I'm very easy to be pleased if you are a female. ;)

See see ! I've got flowers ! :D :D
Awww. Ain't that sweet? Hah !
It's now in my room, almost dead.

Thanks to Aaron, I got to watch Heroes ! ♥

Going to study today !
I'll try.
Praying Smiley
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