Butterflies ♥
You're still a part of everything I do
You're on my heart just like a tattoo

Status : Home alone :D

Parents went over to the island for the night, and I didn't follow cause I had tuition earlier.
I'm labouring on Labour's Day. .___.
Planning to go for a late night movie tonight. Hmm, anyone up for it ?

Gonna blog about Leo Idol now ! :)
I know I'm late, really late, but better late than never, lol.

Went to Prangin first, was having lunch when Wen Jia called and asked whether I wanna join her in Han Chiang for the Leo Idol competition.
So since Alvin was performing, I guess I could go and support him.
Aren't you touched, Alvin ?

:) HAHAH !

Didn't manage to get many pictures though, LOADS of blurry ones. :(

Alvin ! & his partner, Cien Zen (if not mistaken)
Join THIS !
They created a group in Facebook. :D

Sean ! He sounded so cute when he sang. :D

Random shot

If I'm not wrong, this would be Gallus Gallus' instruments, lol.

The judges, including Baki !
In case anyone who doesn't know who Baki is, he's one of the cast of Mr Siao's Mandarin Class.

Didn't manage to stay till the end, cause Mommy came to fetch Wen Jia and me to fetch sis from the bus station.

Dinner, then home shweeeeeeet home ! ♥

Oh, I am supposed to be in Indonesia at this very moment but FUCKING Air Asia cancelled the flight and returned the money to Daddy.
And I thought I could skip school this Monday one mah ! :(
Whatever, zzz.

p/s : It's TheParents' 28th anniversary today, btw. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOMMY AND DADDY !
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