PD : Day One and Day Two
See my post title ?

There's nothing much to do there, so I practically did the same thing for two days straight.

Left home around 9.30 in the morning and went to Grandfather's house to fetch him.
Started our journey to PD at 10.

Sei Kim (Youngest maternal aunt) bought another puppy since her last one, Nigger, passed away.
I mentioned it before in my previous post.
Anyway, camera was in the car and was so lazy to get it, so no pictures of it.
His name is Ronnie, btw, and he's a Shih- Tzu.

Slept in the car for one hour plus and I woke up, randomly took the camera and started snapping. Myself, of course, lol.

The next picture, priceless, I tell you.

Wanted to put as my Facebook's profile picture but I'm a civilized person, lol.
I hope I didn't scare you innocent readers away.
Hahah !

Whatever, NEXT !

Checked into the room.
Was staying at Legend Water Chalet, btw.
The view is uber awesome !
I freakin' love the toilet the most. Wtf, ahahah.
Wait, till you see it w/ your own naked eyes, lol.

You see ! Got transparent surface on the floor ! So cool right !?

The right hand side door is the main entrance.
So, it means that, when you open the door, you'll reach the toilet before the bedroom.

Bath tub ! I bathed more than an hour in the toilet for two nights straight okayyy !

The shower area.
There's a roof above it which you can open and close.

The roof.

Went out around 5 for lunch-ner (lunch + dinner) with aunts, uncles and cousins who drove from KL.
Big happy family, lol.

Everyone went back to the chalet and hung out there.
Both aunties and I painted our nails red, hehs.
In my case, I repainted them.

Oh yeah, Star Movies was the main activity that occupied us the whole two days.

That's all for the first day.

Second Day

Got ready for lunch then went to buy some food, fruits and drinks.
Went back to the hotel, Dad and I went to the reception to loan Scrabble, hee.
Then otw back to the room, we took pictures of the scenery.

The first word I made was ' rot '.

After that, continued watching Star Movies, hahah.
Bathed and went out for dinner.

Came back, watched tv again then bathed in the tub for super long.
I tell you har, I was in the bathroom halfway then I thought of taking pictures of the toilet again, lol.

Filled up the tub w/ warm water.

Add shower gel is a must ! ;D

Finished bathing and off to bed.

Done blogging about Day Two.

Going off to work soon.
Eight more working days till I get my salary !

Yay ! Gonna sou yi tonight with the family. Bro's family is joining us too.
STANLEY ! Come to xiao ku ! LOL !
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