New Phone !

Just realized my last post's title starts with the word 'new' too. LOL

Just came back from Interact Conference (DIC) last Sunday.
Ehh, almost one week already.
Wtf, time passed so freaking fast. ;O

I MISS YOU PEOPLE ! *heartbroken

Met so many people there.
I worked really hard okay !?
I walked everywhere (even on the streets !) giving out my name cards.
I just want to finish them off.
I've got three hundred or more name cards from last year's Youth Exchange Programme !
Don't ask why I've got so many. *shakes head
Oh btw, I gave out around 160-ish.

I've got so many moreeeee ! *dies

Give you a glance of my name card. *points below

Drop that.
Show you pictures of the new phone.
I was at DIC right. TheSis was at KL and so, she called.....

TheSis : Eh, hello. Szien ar. You want your Blackberry a not ?
Me : Errr, errrr. Idk la ! Cannot decide. E72 nice a not ? (I'm indecisive !)
TheSis : Blackberry nicer la. You want Gemini or Javelin ?
Me : Idk which phone to choose already and you keep asking more details for the BB.
TheSis : *laughs So how ? Gemini or Javelin ? ( You have no idea how much I feel like dying talking to her. -__-)

So, main point, she bought the BB Curve 8520 (Gemini) for me.
Thank you Jie ! *slobbers her w/ loads of kisses

Fyi, she HELPED to buy, NOT gave it to me for free. LOL

This wallpaper comes out when I lock the phone. OMG ! *faints
Lalas, learn from this. Only Hello Kitty can escape looking cute with the peace sign and oh yeah, me too, DUH.

*flashes peace sign ;P

Not to forget, TheSis bought her iPhone3GS too.
She has been wanting it for like, sooo long !

p/s : Will be going to Port Dickson tomorrow and drop by at cousin's house for her birthday party on Sunday night. Hope I could meet up w/ Sher Mun, Zhiying and part of my fruits ! *hearts

Toodles !
*mwahs mwahs
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