It's New Year's Eve already ?!
OMG, Oh- Nine is almost ending !
There's so many things I would definitely miss.

#1 Choral Speaking ! We managed to get to NATIONALS ! Fourth/ Sixteenth place ! *proud
#2 Interact Conference, met so many awesome people there. :D

Updated :


Pictures from two photographers !
Click on their names. *winks


Those are only few of the many.
Can't think anymore, hahah.
Did so many awesome stuffs in 2009 !
I'll definitely miss this year loads but the future would be better right ? ;D
Have a great year ahead PEOPLE !

Most people must have woke up with a great sleep this morning and went out with their friends in order to get ready for tonight.
Well, me ?
Slept so late, woke up so early and spent FIVE miserable hours listening to Undang.
Luckily, Yi Jo went together with me.
Phew !

So many ahbengs there.
Something happened there and ask me if you want to know.
Not telling here, lol.

Was doodling over the whole ' Question and Answer Curriculum Driver's Study ' book.
(It's actually stated ' Soalan Dan Jawapan Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu ' on the cover of the book. I just translated it with limited knowledge, hahah !)

Still got, still got !
But enough already la.

Jo took this and said, " I know how to zoom, unlike Jo- Ey ! "
*inside joke

This girl is 24/7 on the phones, mine and hers.
Tsk, but at least she's there with me.

Yada, yada, yada.
The Berjaya person fetched us back to BM and TheSis came to fetch me home.

TheSis asked me to dye her hair and ohmygod.......

It's Vibrant Burgundy, something like purple.

I don't know what's the plan for me tonight but have a great time everyone !


Gonna continue packing my clothes.
KL tmr !
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2 Responses
  1. kenwooi Says:

    undang on new year's eve? haha not bad.. lol..
    happy new year 2010! =)

  2. junsern Says:

    hope 2010 will be a great year! happy new year!