Happy Birthday, AaronTPS!
OH OH OH!!!!!!
Its Sayang's birthday!!


He's Aaron Teng P**** S****.
I seriously like doing that.
He hates when people call his full name.

Okayyy, stop w/ the crap.
Let's see. How long have I known him?
Late June ah?
Assume its around that time.
That means I've already known him for 5 months plus lorrr.

It's a short time but we clicked real well.

He kept saying his 16 only, just because his birthday falls in December.
Last time i seriously thought he was 16 till Vian told me.
Yes, lame i know.

note to self :- Dont believe him that EASILY *grrrrrr*

He doesnt have many pictures so I cant upload many here. His friendster has only two pictures.
&&&& all his accounts are using the same one.
Aiyahhhh, dont care lahh. Got at least his picture then correct already lahh

There you go, peeps!
but he seriously dont look like that.

Let me continue my craps.
So, you know his name && REAL age. [17// SEVENTEEN// 10 + 7]

Next, he's seriously a good friend && he dont talk much face to face.
We met only thrice, all in the same place because he went there to do only one thing, study!
Queens lah tuu.
In cyber world, he's like a chicken ass [my word for him].
He loves using deep English.

but now he talks even more dee. *thumbs up*
hmmm. Im not allowed to criticzise him too much since it's his birthday.
So Im just gonna end here. HAHAHAH!

oh, && yah, he just finished his SPM!

Aaron Teng, Happy Birthday && wish you all the best in your future undertakings!

To view his blog, click THIS
To know him better, click THIS
FYI, the links will only lead you to one place, His.Blog!

Anyways, Happy Birthday!
*hugs && kisses*

p/s : Im still in India so this is actually a scheduled post.
p/p/s : will be back in a week!
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