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Its All About Me~!
Hell Yeahh Baby!
Im back!


ohh, kayyy.
Ive been back almost three days already.
Havent been blogging for 1 week plus.
*shakes head*

uh huh.
I miss so many people when I was in India.
When i get sad, Ill think of some of you.
= ((
Anyways, Im glad Im back!

I met loads of friends during the trip.
8 of us including a Team Leader, Mr Terrence.
7 students; 5 girls & 2 boys.
  • WenNingL - 16
  • WinnieH - 17
  • BeeKeeyT (Jane) - 16
  • Mahyuri - 16
  • Ben-JieL (Tarzan) - 15
  • Poowin - 14
It was okay there but I seriously dread going sight seeing.
We go sight seeing almost everyday, practically everyday!
We only get to go shopping thrice, I think.
So hard to buy souvenirs cause they sell mostly Indian traditional clothes && bangles.

I dont have loads of pictures cause mostly its in their cameras && in my camera. Im seriously very lazy to upload.
So just gonna upload the pictures from my phone only.

Shashwat ; Mahatma Gandhi ; Poowin ; Ajav or Amo [fyi, there're twins, cant differentiate]

Shashwat wrote his name on another bus' dirty window from the bus we were in

Say No Evil ; Hear No Evil ; See No Evil


Wen Ning!

♥ Szien~!

We were at Devka Beach, Daman.
There isnt any sea water there, only mud. LOL!


Poowin modelling for Pepsi

Ben-Jie smiling for the camera!

My beautiful hands! *winks*

Wen Ning's beautiful hand!

Its kinda blur cause its from a 2MP hp. We were like dancing, singing && blasting the two Hindi songs we know right on the street. Everyone stopped by and whistle. HAHAHAAH! It was soooooo TOTALLY fun!

Thats all for now.
Will update soon!
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