Feliz Navidad!

Im going to put the India trip's post on hold first.
One, friends didnt come back from camp yet.
Two, lazy to ask some friends
Three, I wanna blog about Christmas!!


what you people gonna get for me?!!

Come, I tell you what I want.
Okayy?? Okayy?!

Im SERIOUSLYYY highhhhh!!!

Tommy Hilfiger - Dreaming

I SERIOUSLLYYY want this perfume!
I've never, I repeat NEVER, gone crazy over a perfume before.
= ))

Ohhh, Ive got another thing I wanna own!
The same thing I wished for last year but didnt get also.

ODM - Christmas Edition

I dont think Im going for the private christmas party in Penang.
Its toooo far, no transport.
So, maybe only Carmen's christmas party.
= (
Wait, it's supposed to be = ) right?
Presents, how?!

Everyone close to me seems to be leaving.
So, Im currently in my emo moments.
But I wish all the best for them.
= DD

Today, woke up quite late cause slept late last night. *you dont wanna know why*
DONT think dirty.

Went to work then went facial, India was soooo dirty & dusty. *YIKES*
Went to Pacific to get a christmas tree & some ornaments!
& guess what, the tree is now lying on the floor alone in the living room.
cause smth is missing & the tree cant be put up.
I wanna watch Twilight!
Dont say Im lame cause I knew that long time ago.

then then, came home, didnt go my Pasar Maaaaalaaaaam! = (((
Dennis, next time only buy you your sugar cane haaa.
= ))

hmmm, thats all.

p/s : I need to change my blog's clothing. Tag me w/ a direct link.
- Christmas. Thanks!
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