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Directions : Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things,habits or goals about you. At the end, choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave a comment (''You're tagged!'') and to read your blog, you can't tag the person who tagged you.

1) I love being in the middle of attention.
Im a girl & a pure Libran!

2) I blush when Im shy & my whole face is red when Im effing angry.
Ask my bitches

3) I expect highly of the outcome of everyth I do although I wont try my best.

4) Im on a diet of no carbs & oil these few days.
Dont wanna look fat in pinafore. ==

5) Ive got 2 ex-boyfs but Ive never kissed nor held hands before.

6) I get excited when I see cute guys.
Its not that Im miang. It's because I believe they sorta extinct already. =P

7) I hate when sales girls or boys keep tagging when Im looking at stuff.
Its annoying! Dont you think?

8) I currently DO NOT have a boyf. Im single! EVERYONE, IM SINGLE! sheeesh~!
IDK why people keep saying Im lying to them that Ive a boyf but Im not telling them. I SERIOUSLY DO NOT HAVE ANY BOYF!!!! No one's chasing after me nor am I.

9) I seriously hate smokers!
I have breathing difficulties when there's any kinda smoke. && when i cant breathe, I get seriously cranky & Ill start cursing. =X

10) I love making new friends who are matured in their thinking.
Of course, who doesnt? ==

11) Im not straight forward enough to hurt people's feelings.
Should I be fine w/ it or change to be like that?

12) I feel that Thailand transexuals are prettier than most natural-born girls.
LOL! I just came back from Thailand maaaa.

13) I get annoyed when people misspell my name. It has a HYPHEN (-) in it as in Lim Su - Szien!

14) I love reading thick romance novels.
Buy me one & Ill seriously appreciate it. >33

15) I love striking out my wishlist.
This is asking for random so Im giving RANDOM!

16) I miss Wen Ning so much!
>33 Love you babe!

The Ten People I Tag Are :-

AaronT - Just cause he's my Bestie
VianC - Cause i love her. =)
PinkyT - Cause she just bought a DSLR. =P
HsienYeeT - Cause he doesnt believe me. =(
Bean - Cause she's my Hun! *hearts*
ChiaYiL - Cause I tagged so.
ChiaPing - Cause she's MY Chiaaaaaa!!! =)
KenjiL - Cause she's a babi. =P
CheeYangK - Cause I wanna tag him.
ShaoWei - Cause he owes me cookies. LOL?
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