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ohh kayy.
I know I havent been updating AGAIN.
Ive no laptop cause it got taken away to be repaired.
Now, it's back but Dad's not letting me use anymore. WTF.
So, Im actually using the sister's laptop.
SEE! I took the risk of getting myself killed just to blog!

Anyways, Im totally determined to blog today as it's the FIRST DAY of the New Year.
But it isnt a good one though.
The Eve's perfect.
I was at Auto City w/ Vian, Jo, Kel Vin, Pinky, Carmen, Fiona, Pei Chen, Iong Chen && Gaik Nee!
Met AaronN there.
We made quite an impression during the countdown as usual.
As you know, we are ALWAYS the crazy bitches painting the town red.

Before the countdown, Sis & I went to Ice Ice Baby to meet my friends.
Sis ordered loads of stuff & guess what, Im known as The Bill Payer.

Cheese Fondue

Strawberry Fried Rice

I ordered green tea, you people should know how it looks like.

Vian's mummy fetched Jo & me home. Thanks aunty!
Her dad was drunk. && her dad was so seriously cute when he said, "Today's 01.01.2009 already. Faster wear your belt. FASTER! *serious face looking at three of us behind* Faster! Later the police catch."

That was totally a blur moment. Jo & I were'nt sure whether Uncle is being serious or joking.

Before I went home from Auto City, I met Wei Sheng. Glad to see you! =))
Reached home around 1.45 a.m && slept around 4. *yawns*
Woke up to the knock on the door of the room by Dad.
Guess what news he brought me? Mum got robbed by FUCKING MALAYS!

Disclaimer : Im going to be seriously very vulgar in this post, so bear w/ it people.

Those FUCKING BASTARDS crashed Dad's Mercedes glass, I repeat, MERCEDES!
Do you fucking know how expensive is a Merc?! HELLO! Do you FUCKING BASTARDS think the money my Dad used to buy the car drops from the sky?!!! My Dad had to work so hard to buy one kayyy!!!! Maileh. Seriously, YOU PEOPLE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO brainless! You do not effing have a single bit of brain at all!

It's the New Year, arseholes! Why cant you effing let people have a peaceful first day of the new year?!!
You fucking robbed my Mum's money && IC! You FUCKING FOUR BASTARDS are soooooooooo FUCKING USELESS! We people already said you are so useless and you people seriously want to prove us right? You are seriously brainless. Bird brains! Now Mum has to go through all the fucking troubles to get a fucking IC again. OMG! Damn you bastards! I wish you people will get beaten up or get slaughtered till your fucking ribs and jaws are broken but you wont be dead & get paralysed for the rest of your FUCKING lives! Hope your faces get punched and slit till your poor Mother cant recognize you FOUR FUCKING SONS! && last of all, ROT IN HELL, BASTARDS!

Now, Im much better. Ive been keeping my anger for the whole day now. I love you, My Baby Blog! =P

Hmmm. Went for dinner at Victoria Station. Dad's choice.
Just came back then continued blogging so that I will be able to blog before 12. =D

P/S : What DSLR would you recommend?

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