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Heh Heh Heh.

Im in a world of my own.

I made a point that I would blog today.
So, that's why you can see an update here.
For Gawd's Sake, I made it like you people are stupid.
*slaps forehead*

Sunday- 18.01.2009

Anyways, I went Jusco & Queens on Sunday.
For Your Info, Penangites, the Jusco & Queens I mentioned are TWO TOTALLY different places!
Bought a cheap tee for myself and a cute bottle for My Baby Sister.
Walked around by myself cause Dad was having a haircut somewhere in the mall.

Then, went home & went to Queens w/ The Parents.
Mum was Love when she gave me 500 bucks to shop.
Awwww. *blows kisses*
But as usual, she wont let me use entirely the whole bunch, she didnt tell me but I knew I wasnt supposed to.
So Ive only used 250 bucks of it but I used my own 200 bucks.
So which made me used how much?
Do the Maths.
Yeah, Bye Bye Babies~
*watching imaginary flying bling bling fly away*

You know why?
I went Quiksilver & bought stuff I do not need except the purse and the shirt which are practically the only things I bought.
Ohkayyy. Lame, I know.
The crew kept asking whether I wanna do member card a not.
No, I didnt in the end but I got a voucher though.
Of which I dont think I would be using.
Im not going Penang any soon.
Awwww man!
Such a waste.

Hmmm. I walked too much I guess, & I had blisters on my feet!
It is still there right now.
Damn pain and annoying.
*chops feet off*

Oh yahh!! Im very proud of something I bought!

The Inkheart Trilogy!

Love you, Mummy!
Im NOT a rich bitch and the book costs a lot but its thickness is worth the money.
So, Baby is currently lying on the bed.
Gosh, I sound like a nerd.
Bought two Little Black Dress books too.

Memoirs Is Made of This (Half-way reading) &

Confessions of An Air Hostess (Read!)

Wait, I met KCYang in Queens too.
Obviously. ==
We passed each other but I was like staring at him weirdly.
Yeah, I must have looked weird to him.
He smsed me after that asking me whether Im in Queens a not.

Tuesday- 20.01.2009

Our first day of choral speaking practice!
Yeah, I went school just because of that or I would have skipped school.
Cause it's boringg~
No, Im not a bad kid.
Just that the stress limit has reached my head.
I wanna have a short break for awhile.
Imagine having tuition every single day! (except Sunday)
If this is going to continue and I cant cope w/ it, Im gonna start crying everyday which I did when I was Primary 4, 5 & 6.
I had tuitions & school activities that time.
Then teacher kept giving loads of homework, so I had to sleep at only about 1 - 2 a.m or even later.
HELLO! I was only 10 that time!
If we didnt finish, she would ask us to write 100 proverbs w/ their meanings as punishment.

Oops. Private rantings.
I better shut my mouth. Too much info is out. LOL

This is the post which was in my draft more than a week already.
Stillc ant find my Bluetooth driver, so, yeah, no pictures.

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