What you think of this?

I've got nth to blog.
So I'm just gonna upload pictures.
Old ones though.

These are taken in Add Maths & Maths tuition last week.
Believe it or not, it's a love letter.

There's a couple ring inside.

Wanna know what's on the orange paper?

Nah! There you go.

You would be able to read right?
I used up loads of time to take this miserable picture.
I was using a lame phone.
What'd you expect huh?

Then this week tuition.
That guy wore the ring for the girlf.

Then, there's another couple.
The boyf bought her a heart crystal necklace weih.
HOJB one somemore.

*jealous jealous*


Oh! Bestf came.
Everyone would be annoyed when she comes but I am seriously glad!
"Ehhh, my pregnancy test is negative!" (Inside joke)

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