Today was ♥ ♥ ♥

The sister is back today!

Went Penang today.
Fetched sis from airport.
Then we went to PISA but very jam and packed so, Mummy said go Queens.
It was only 11.45 that time.
Go so early for what.

Reached Queens around 12-ish.
We walked and walked.
Went in Switch, and sis wants to buy Ipod.
Either Classic or Touch.

I also waaaaant!


Went Popular to buy novels.
But Mummy pulled me to the f-ing three Science subs area.
She bought two workbooks per Science subject for me.
*cold sweat*

Went Borders.

Went Coffee Bean.
Ahhhh~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Those times were LOVEEEE~

Sis forced me to fork out 70 bucks out out 120 bucks to buy tarot cards at Borders.
What the.....
I negotiated with her, either 50 or none.
In the end, I gave her 60 bucks.
She gave loads of excuses.
Like she's my only sister..etc
*smacks forehead*
We were like.....
70 laaaa.
Im your only sister lerrr.
Cannot! 50 or none.
You so long didnt give me present already. 70 laaaa. (OI! Since when I didnt give?!)
65 laaaa. I beg so long.
60! None or 60.
Hanaaa. *walks to cashier and looks behind*
*walks slowly*
*signalled me to walk faster*
Will post the tarot picture next time.

Went home around 5-ish.
We went to the beach near Queens on the way.
Mummy took off her heels and walked.

Nahhh, nothing similar to the emoticon happened.

Im a good photographer, aren't I? :)

Daddy and Sis stayed in the car & I leaned against the car feeling the wind.


Oh yah!
I met Calvin when I passed Harvey Norman!
Talk about coincidence fate.

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