Here Comes Goodbye

I'm soooo excited!
Guess guess guess!

Hint : Phone!

Ahhh. I'll tell you.
I bought a new phone!
Just as my second phone.
My cracked N73 is still my main one.

I wonder where my U-Mobile number flew to.

Guess, I'm gonna get a new second number.
My Digi number already expired with loads of credit inside it.
*looks up and screams "WHYYYYY?!"*

Anyway, I bought LG KS360.
Cheap cheap.

I'm contented!
I wanted a QWERTY keypad cell since last year till now.
At last!

Dad didn't just bought it just like that, just because I'm craving for it.
I'm not lucky enough to be given the chance to be a spoiled rich bitch.
It's part of the Phone-and-Camera-Deal offered by Dad if I scored straight A's in PMR.

So, the next one is my camera!
I wonder what to get.
Definitely not DSLR.
Everyone seems to have it.

And The Sis is discouraging me to get one from the start.
Cause she already has one.

Jieeee, DON'T bring your α200 to UK!
You said wanna let me use one right?


Fyi, I bought this! *points below*

Not all la, obviously.

I bought pink! Although I like red colour generally. But the colour red on this phone sucks. Why no light greeeeen?!

Ahhh~ Nvm. Pink is still nice. No?

p/s: Choral speaking competition has been postponed........AGAIN.
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