Nice try, uncivilized homo sapien.

Hmm. Let's all see some "quotes".
Our rival-convent bukit mertajam
Some of my friend said that they didn’t look us also even they past through us.
How impolite they are..

We were smiling with you people!
You were just too proud to even notice that!

*inserts name*, *inserts name*, *inserts name*, *inserts name*, *inserts name* and me sengaja went to canteen
We just only want to see those Bs
We pretended talking at there
Some more *inserts name* suggested that phone *inserts name* to inform that we sit beside to Bs

Are you that afraid of us?
Fyi, we don't eat uncivilized people nor do we eat people at all.

Since those Bs perform in 2nd.
So we can observe what they do.
We can’t spot what mistake they done.

Look at what The Homo Sapien said.
Doesn't this prove that we are just as good as what the results came out?

Once they know we get 2nd,
They scream and shout.
“We have our victory!!”

We don't say, "We have our victory"
That's seriously lame.

But too bad,
You Bs didn’t get any support from other school!
When the people announced that we get 2nd,
We received a lot of applause from other school sort like Jit Sin, Berapit….
For those Bs,
They get the place,
But they didn’t get the applause
Even been “boo~” by all school!
Way to go!
You all deserve it!

We practised! For three swell months!
We even stayed back after school, missed every classes, and worked during the holidays too!
And you're saying we don't deserve getting first!
And for your information which i think you do not know at all, there were so many other schools who congratulated us and accepted their defeat with no hard feelings!
What a good sport they were!
This, itself, reflects they have won too......... in spirit!
It's obvious you are a sore loser.
I pity you.


Anyway, thanks to those who are not the same like this fella here who sulks after defeat.
You know who you are.

And we're bitches? You're bastards!
But anyway, being a bitch is fine with me.
As you know, you've got to be one to know one.
Guess, we're all bitches ay?
*high five*
Oh wait! I forgot! You have an extra burden which sticks out with no dignity.
Shame on you.
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