Too Cool
The white ribbon is not obvious viewable!

*screams lungs out*
Yeah, the day has arrived & it's gone!
With pride and joy, ................
*babble babble babble*

Ahh~ You guys should know what happened by now.
It's obvious based on my reactions & words.

I wonder why choral speaking competitions are very important to all the all-girls schools.
Usually the all-girls schools are the ones who take real interest and fight for the best.

Anyways, I would like to thank the two teachers for everything.
Especially the teacher who had some trouble with her *youknowwhat* (the team & close friends knows what) because of us.
Thank you!
You made a lot of difference for us.
We love you! Don't we, guys?

Our HM came & watched us perform.

Vian said I shivered.
And we cried.
Convent is known for - "Lose, Cry ; Win..... also Cry."
Emotional what!
For your information, we are g-i-r-l-s, GIRLS!

Vian took a video of a conductor.
You'll get to see it if you see us when we have our phone.
I'm sure you'll laugh madly if you're evil.
*shakes head*
Or you may ask any of us to send to you.

AND AND ! ! !

Some fella who is from i.dont.know.where asked us to read some sentence from a paper they gave us and they recorded it!
Some advertising for them, the usual sentence for advertising like, "For more info, log in to Dot.Dot.Dot. Thank you!"
We were like, Omg!, when they asked us for a "favor".
It's not like we get to this everyday, right?

Our next competition is on the 28th.


I seriously love screaming, ask Pinky why I said that.
Hint :- She stands beside me only.

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