The Way That I Love You

*wakes up & think of food*
*walks to the fridge & boiled a sausage*
*eats it up & go to the fridge again*
*takes bread & eat it*
*opens fridge again*

There's nothing left!

I seriously have problem with food.
And guess what, Mummy just called and said she's buying back wan ton mee (dumpling noodles) for me.
You rock Mum!

p/s : I live by sarcasm, people, sarcasm!

So, Im going to burn all part of the carbs I've collected by playing squash tonight & get myself a hot body.

Conscience: Szien, like you can. Pfft!
Me: Shut up. Zzzz.

Yeah, yeah. Lame. I know.

But, I know you guys love me so much that you'll live through it.

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