It's Gonna Be Me &.......The Movies
Walking gets too boring when you learn how to fly.

As you know, I was at Parkroyal for cousin's wedding last weekend.
Got ready early in the morning and Uncle fetched me over to the island for rehearsal.
If you've been following me on Twitter, I bet you know it, cause I tweeted almost every single detail of what I did there, lol !

Tea Ceremony !
Relatives gives jewelry/ red packets and TheBride&Groom passed them to Alicia and me. ;)

Will only blog about the wedding when I have more pictures.
Brought my camera there, but I had no hands nor time to snap here and there.
Busy wiping sweat off TheBride's face and body, lol. Helped change her clothes, this and that.
It was really fun being a bridesmaid, and sadly, it might be my first and last time being one. :(
She's the eldest closest cousin sister I've got, and the two others are of same age, 22 which means it's still a long way for them to get hitched. :/

Took a few pictures from my TwitPic, just to give some...uhh..previews ?
Okay, previews it is !

At the ballroom, cousin brother showed an anime which he created and designed himself just for his sister. It's about how they met and until now, married !

Went back to my room, TheParents and TheSis were not there until two.
Cousins came up my room to rest, and watch TV...until one of them asked to see how our bridesmaid dress looked like.
Showed him and he immediately tried it one.
Yes, HE ! He, a guy. *facepalm

*faints LOL

I better stop giving out any more infos here, or I will not be able to post anything but pictures when I blog about the wedding, haha. ;)

Watched Prince of Persia : The Sand of Time, Shrek Forever After, Tooth Fairy, Valentine's Day, How to Train Your Dragon & Up.

Ratings :
It was really good, I didn't think I would enjoy it that much.
Dad picked this instead of Iron Man 2 when I told him the choices we had when I wanted to book the tickets.
The casts were awesome too !

Jake Gyllenhaal !!!
Ahhh~ *bats eyelashes

Ratings :
Don't really like it, the plot was really boring.
I like the previous ones more.
But there were new characters, and there are some parts which were very cute like the small, annoying boy who kept saying, "Do the roar, do the roar." LOL

DONKEY ! So cute ! He's married with the dragon in this sequel.

Ratings :
It's just okay-okay.
The ending's really predictable though, which is good.
I HAPPY ENDINGS ! *wipes tears

Ratings :
Not bad.
Many stories in one movie, I like ! :D
Taylor Swift is like the typical dumb blonde in the movie, lol !
I was laughing like seriously hard when her part comes along.

Patrick Dempsey's the hottest guy in this movie.
The guy in a gay relationship, PLUS point !

Ratings :
This movie is really inspiring.
I cried. Wtf, embarrassing, but it's really sad at some parts what !
The characters are very cute and awesome ~ :D

Toothless ! Oh boy, so cute ! He tried smiling, hahaha !
And those Vikings said he was super harmful, pfft.

Ratings :
The front part of the movie was too draggy and too sad for me.
The wife died of old age and left this old man all alone.
Okay....., I'm getting too involved in movies, as though I'm in them.
And worst of all, it's just a cartoon. .___.

Time to get more dvds or head to the cinema !
Sex and The City 2 ! It's tomorrow, yay ! But I'm like grounded, for no reasons.

Mum : Just because it's holidays, and you keep going out.

You've got your point right there, IT IS THE HOLIDAYS, THAT'S WHY ! -.-
FML, damn SPM, zzz.

At this moment, I'm eating Secret Recipe's Classic Cheesecake.
Mmmhmmmmm....., so cheesy, so yummy.
Om nom nom nom nom.
And I feel like puking, wtf.
Cause, it's too.............cheesy.
I feel sick, ugh.

And I just realized I forgot my Hotmail's password, fml.
I don't remember my secret answer to the question.
Such a stupid way of Hotmail to help those who forgets their password.

Let's just hope I'll remember after my sleep tonight.

Blog more next time !
Reviews on TownView's seafood and the hedgehog I just bought !

Much love, xx.
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