When you told me that you loved me, were those just words ?

I was going through some old pictures in my files.
So, thought of blogging them.

It was during Chinese New Year this year.
Went out with Aemus and Pinky.
Aemus came to pick me up and we headed to Yoong Hui's house to fetch Pinky.
Went to Gurney.

We did something stupid at the toll.

Pinky came up with the idea to pay the toll fees in a red packet.
Oh yes...., she is that IMAGINATIVE ! :P
We were freaking good okay ! We paid our fun with an extra buck !
That fella has a ONE RINGGIT tip from us yo !


Went to Gurney, met up with Wei Shiang, and watched Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.
Thanks, WS, for the movie. :)

Had to go out earlier though, cause we has to buy Eric's birthday present before going to his house for a surprise birthday party.

LOL ! :O

Fetched Alvin, Yong Seng & one more friend of theirs to Eric's house at Pearl Garden.

Celebrated just a while cause I had to buy movie tickets for the family back in mainland.
We went to Aeon, Jusco for dinner.

Pinky felt like having Nando's, so Nando's it was !

Pinky and her brilliant idea again ;)

I skipped dinner and I bought tickets for Tiger Woohoo (大日子).
Rushed home, and went out with the family to Aeon again.

My mood was really down the whole time, so I didn't really pay full attention to the movie.
But, I remembered a few funny scenes.
The part where this guy keeps asking for donation and flips his hair, HAHAH !
And the part where the dumb guy was conned by his friends who wanted to use his car. LOL !

That's all for the day.
Peace out ! ♥
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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Who said it to you ? :)

  2. Su-Szien Says:

    @Anonymous It's a song's lyrics. :D