What would you do........
.......if this happens ?

Do you people believe in supernatural, black magic, ghosts or sorts ?

Well, something happened to me the other day.
Not exactly scary but it was........
Just read the below story.

I went over to the island (Penang) the other day with the whole family for the nephew's birthday.
After that, went to my brother's shop near New World Park.
My sister wanted to use the toilet, but she did not want to use bro's shop's toilet.
So I followed her to Tune Hotel to use the toilet there. (Oh, we took our nephew along too.)
She went in Tune's and I went to 7-11 to get mags w/ my nephew.
I walked in Tune's to find her in the toilet, and when I went in, I asked my nephew to knock on the one of the cubicle's door.
He knocked but there was no response.
When he knocked, the door did not move nor open, so it meant there's somebody in there.
So, I thought my sister was playing, so I did not think much and went to the sink to do some stuff, and I kept calling my sister, but still no response.
Out of a sudden, the hand dryer worked !
It's only my nephew and I in the toilet, and we were VERY far away from the dryer.
I quickly carried my nephew and calmly walked out.
I was afraid that "double worlds" might happened, wtf.
Anything is possible when you are afraid okay ! T.T
When I reached the entrance of Tune's, my sister was outside there looking for me, wtfwtf.
Who/ What the hell was inside the cubicle ?!


I hope it was just short circuit. :/

Anyway, another thing happened two days back.
The trip to Taylor's the other day.
On the way back to Penang, we were playing with the dSLR's shutter and lights.
Then, the next morning, Pinky said.........,

"Wei. T______T the photos yesterday, on msn please and don't freak out."

I was out that time, so I could only see what she meant at night.

Please zoom in and look between "J" and my friend

He looks like a clown, and the eyes, nose and mouth are very obvious.
Hopefully it's just the lighting.
Daddy said it looks like Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, HAHAH !

It looks like ghosts/ spirits are everywhere. :X
Beware, people, bewareeeeeee......

Have you had any encounters ?
Tell me, I wanna know. ;)

Enjoy your day folks, nyeheheheh.
*evil snickers

p/s : Credits to Pinky & her dslr. ;)
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