Art of Love
It’s a quarter after one, I’m a little drunk,
And I need you now.
Said I wouldn’t call but
I lost all control and I need you now.
And I don’t know how I can do without,
I just need you now.

Went to Betong during Chinese New Year.
Betong is a small town in Thailand, in case you didn't know, lol.

Started our journey around 9-ish, and reached around 11.
Met up with Granduncle, Grandaunt and Aunt once we reached the other side of the border.
Checked in the hotel and re-freshened a little.
Then, out for lunch !

Aunt & Grandaunt
LOL ! Yes, my aunt is the one in purple dress. & yes, she's younger than me. :P
Grandaunt's hair damn chio right ! And it's real. :D

The weather's super OMG, so Sis-in-Law (Wtf, I'm still not used to it. -.-) put cooling powder all over Stanley's face, lmao.

Eldest cousin ♥
Talking about her reminds me that the bridesmaid's dress is here, and I have not tried it on yet.
I hope I remember later. It's pink in color, btw. :X

Adrian :)

Adrian's Fisheye ! :D

Granduncle took us up to a hill where they sell fried rose there, but they were out of stock on that day.
The water up there is so cooling ! ♥
Better than Genting.
So hot now, I WANT !!
Stupid weather. T.T

I ♥ you, sis.

Cousins, uncles and aunts went to some famous tunnel there.
My family went there a few times already, so we skipped that and went down hill to the hot spring area.

Bought these ! :O

Sis went to boil the eggs we bought, hehs. ;D

Grandaunt bought these. So very spicy, I tell you.
Ate till nose bleed man !
Okay fine, the weather made my nose bleed, but still, damn spicy !
Spicy till can die. T.T

Took Benjemin to the playground. :D

Her name's Patlida, btw.
I'm not sure of the spelling but it's pronounced like that. So,.....yeah. ;)

Nephew's uber high, lol !

Random shot of wanted people/ criminals

Bugs, people, BUGS !!!!

Cousin : NOMS NOMS !

Sis, uncle, aunty and me !
They are both younger than me, lol. :)

Went back to the hotel.
All the cousins went to the opposite side of the hotel and we played the firecrackers we bought earlier.

Nephew's such a poser, hah ! :D

It was one in the morning, and all of us cousins went back to our own room, cleaned up a little and head to my brother's room to gamble.
:D :D
Dad played with us for awhile and he won 50-ish bucks without taking out a single cent.
As usual, he'll divide the profit (?) into two and give Sis and I.

Next day........, uhhhh......, I forgot what we did.

We'll just look at pictures, why don't we.

My little cute bug ! ♥

OH ! Now I remember, we went to an ice cream shop.
Celebrated Adrian's birthday there. :D

Mom's :)

Happy Birthday ! :D

Sweet ice cream picture to forget about my previous post, lol !
Luckily nothing happened during the Betong trip.
Or maybe, there was "something" with us all along.


Anyway, will be going down to KL this Friday night with TheParents and gonna meet up with TheSister. :D
Clubbing, shopping ! ♥
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